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  1. I also would very much like a batch raw conversion with custom settings. At least let me apply a preset that I already have. I'm currently working with spherical panoramas, which consist of up to 70 images, and batch processing is essential there. Also, somehow the converted images turn out much darker than when converting them manually with default settings. Something's wrong there, and I have no way to influence that. Maik
  2. Hi, I created a carefully tweaked adjustment layer with mask to compensate for a camera flaw on DJI Mavic (reddish cast in the center of the image, see Embedded lens corrections in raw files (micro Four Thirds)). Now I would like to save this adjustment together with it's mask somewhere so I can apply it to other images as well, and ideally also have it available on iPad (I did this on the Mac). Is it possible to save adjustments in some kind of library? Thanks Maik
  3. Hi everybody, opening Mavic DNGs works fine with Affinity Photo on iOS 11 beta, so Apple apparently included proper codecs with iOS 11. At this point I'd say just wait until mid-September when iOS 11 comes out.
  4. Hi, I'd like to add to this question. The DJI Mavic Pro suffers from a reddish hot spot in the center of DNG images under certain lighting, and DJI added a vignetting correction lens profile that is now embedded in DNG files as of the latest firmware (.0600). Lightroom already recognizes and applies this, see here: http://forum.dji.com/forum.php?mod=redirect&goto=findpost&ptid=75707&pid=772658 Is there a similar feature in Affinity Photo? Because I can't find a way to automate this.
  5. Cool, thanks. The link for photo however would be: file:///Applications/Affinity%20Photo.app/Contents/Resources/AffinityPhoto.help/Contents/Resources/en-US.lproj/index.html
  6. When accessing the (very good and extensive) help in Affinity Photo, the help content is shown in the system langage (German in my case), rather than the language the application is set to in it's preferences. I have set Photo to English, at least for the learning phase, to have all the tool names and stuff match up with what is explained in the tutorial videos. However, the help content should then also be displayed in English.
  7. Hi, already did that, we had contact through Twitter :) Thanks
  8. Got the file back from some time machine magic, I can open a version, which has 62 MB. The state that I can't see any edits I make is still preserved, so my problem changed to that.
  9. I edited a file, consisting of a background layer and one pixel layer with inpainting edits. I spent about an hour editing and experimenting, when suddenly no further edits would show any visible changes, in any layer, with any tool. I closed the recently saved document and tried to load the previous version, only to be greeted with a dialog saying: Failed to open file /foo/bar/baz.afphoto The file appears to be corrupted. File is 55 MB, can't upload here. What now? I have hourly time machine backups, but of course this one hour of edits isn't in it yet.
  10. Hi, I just tried to apply an Unsharp Mask filter. The "after" part of the split image shows a preview, but when I click "apply", a much stronger effect is applied than what was shown in the preview (see screenshots). Note: while sliding the radius slider around, the much stronger effect is momentarily shown, but as soon as I stop moving it quickly, the much subtler wrong effect kicks in. This happens without engaging the split before/after image as well. Maik Photo version 1.4.2 on OS X 10.11.5, MacBook Pro 15"

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