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PDF export issue and questions

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I have exported to PDF, one "PDF for export", the other "PDF for print". Both at 300dpi. The PDF for print is banded. The PDF for export is better but still some banding. As a test, I recreated scene in another software package (not AI) and used the same (export) settings and got virtually no banding (smooth gradients and blurs!). Is there a trick in AD to get less banding with PDF export?



Mtn_v01_AD_for print.pdf


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Owenr - Thank you so much for a heads-up on the Beta. PDF export has always been an issue for me with AD. I downloaded the 1.6 Beta and it seems fixed. PDF export is now what I had hoped. I can't wait for official release of 1.6!! Thanks again, and to all developers working on AD!

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Well, I would say that there is still some work to do on the PDF export--even Serif planned on certain fixes for the 1.6 release and I hope they make it (it's not too far off).


The only item that should be rasterized in your file are the drop shadows. And even those should be contained in a clip. Everything else should be vector. And it isn't with the 1.6 beta at this time.


PDF export simply has to be fixed, hopefully sooner than later.



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