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Sunglass Reflection, GAH!!


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Assuming you want to see the dog through the lens, I would find an approximately similar photo of this breed, add adjustments for style and color, copy and paste the appropriate part of the dogs face in the lens shapes. Add some sparkle/glints to imitate glass. The eyes are not an issue because the upper halves are above the frame, the lower halves are behind the frame and, therefore, don't need to be recreated.

edit/PS. The beauty in replacing the lens with an outside copy is that you can blur things a bit so that your new material doesn't have to be an exact match of the dog. Glasses often blur/torque things depending on lighting, etc.

Now, if you meant you want a different reflection in the lens, can't suggest any ideas as it depends on what you want reflected.

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On 7/15/2017 at 5:36 AM, InfinitePhotos said:

Normally I could do this with Photoshop. But really struggling with Affinity.


How would you normally go about this in Photoshop?

What prevents you from doing the same in Affinity Photo?

Just curious.

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I just have more experience with Photoshop, finding my way around it.

Still finding my way around Affinity. It's got it's similarities but it's also laid out differently, the tools are just slightly different so I'm struggling a bit. I'll get there eventually.

The reflection however is a tough one because they are shiny enough to see the person holding the camera, namely me.


This is the original image. I'm actually gonna try and re-do this one and work on the shades a bit more. After looking at the finished image, I hate the shades! LOL!!


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On 22/07/2017 at 7:36 PM, MBd said:

you definitely archived that "Photoshoped" kind of look :ph34r:

I meant.... I’m USED to photoshop. I’m struggling to understand and find the right tools. Where they are located. I struggled to create a clipping mask then convert that into a selection. I struggled to feather and either expand or detract the selection. And so much more. 


Therefore, that is not a photoshop look that I achieved. It is an Affinity Photo look that I achieved. ;)

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On 28/07/2017 at 1:49 PM, MBd said:

if you were after this cartoon style the. of look you were actually closer than I thought anyway 


what was the precise issue/ which tool/ workflow?

I did a clipping mask, but in Photoshop you can select the clipping mask and make it a selection then you can feather or expand the selection. I couldn't find how to make my clipping mask a selection. I actually don't even know what I did now.

I also had other "Filter" affects with lighting that AP doesn't have. So couldn't do the reflection that I wanted. This was the best I could get with what I could "find".

I just actually worked on a photo over the last week and used AP to get rid of a kids playground. I'm quite pleased with the outcome of this photo which can be seen here ---> https://www.infinite-photography.net/objects?lightbox=dataItem-j5pzhb0i

So I am slowly finding my way around the program. Youtube videos don't cut it for me, I need words, things I can highlight, pages to bookmark or dog-ear, call me old-school, so if there's a manually that anyone can point me to.... ? :D

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