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Color sampler sample size

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Something that I find handy in PS is that the color sampler eyedropper can be configured to measure the color of a single pixel, like AD.  But it can also average a 3 by 3, 5 by 5, 11 by 11, 31 by 31, 51 by 51 or 101 by 101 pixel squares.  Probably overkill, but the concept is great when there is a bunch of noise or a fine texture in the sample area.  It can also be configured to look at the selected layer only or all layers, which is also handy.


Can we get something like that in AD?

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Sample size is very important in photo adjustments... no doubt we'll see this in Affinity Photo... but still useful for AD to average noise away in sample area. Great functionality for a much needed LOUPE TOOL!!!   :D  :D


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