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Luminosity Masks in iPad version?

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Hello all,


The latest update for Photo on iPad has been great in terms of the RAW support from Photos and also better auto-saving / less crashing.


One question - how do I do luminosity masks of varying strengths (for highlights / shadows / midtones) in the iPad version?



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Good morning, TheEyesHaveIt


MBd has guided you in the right direction. The way to achieve this is with the Blend Options graphs. You access them by choosing a Layer, clicking the 3-Dot icon at the top of the Layers studio, and then fiddling with the two graphs at the bottom. The graph on the left will alter the opacity of the current layer based on the luminosity of that layer. The graph on the right alters the opacity of the current layer based on the luminosity of the layers underneath it.


You can achieve "luminosity masks" using these two graphs. If you want to mask the layer itself, use the graph on the left. If you want to limit an adjustment layer or a live filter layer, use the graph on the right.


In terms of traditional luminosity masking, aim for graphs that approximate the diagrams in the attached image. I have used the Blend Options panel in the Desktop version to create the images (simply for ease of doing screen shots, and such) but the graphs are very similar in the iPad version. The nice part of this is that you get a real time update as you move the line in the graph, so you can manipulate it to your exact liking.




Also, you should note that I have only used the graph on the left in the images. You can do the same thing using the graph on the right if you want your luminosity selection to be based on the layers underneath the current one.

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Thank you! One thing that's nice about luminosity masks over blendif though is ability to modify them using like levels (crush the blacks for example) or use them for selections. Does AP not have traditional luminosity masks?

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Hi again, TheEyesHaveIt. As far as I know (and I am not a Photoshop user!) not only does Affinity Photo not have traditional luminosity masking built in, but neither does Photoshop. Again, to my knowledge, luminosity masking in Photoshop is either a tedious set of individual tasks or can be done through a variety of actions or commercially available scripted panels. Although you can program the actions yourself, I don't think that luminosity masking is something Photoshop does for you "out of the box." Affinity Photo's method of doing this has been through the Blend Options panel, and you can either do it manually or through macros. There are a few users who have provided macros for luminosity selection and masking (including yours truly). Here are links to the two sets of my own macros that might be useful for you:


Luminosity Selections (use these on pixel or image layers to create luminosity masks for the active layer)




Luminosity Masks for Adjustment and Live Filter Layers (use these on adjustment and filter layers to limit those adjustments based on the luminosity of the pixel layer(s) underneath)



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