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  1. Just seen this today. I can't open CR3 files in AP (Win). Is this MAC version only or a bug in the release version?
  2. I‘d need that fixed as well or any usable workaround. Klaus
  3. It won’t load directly in the Develop Persona. So I’m not sure what it does.
  4. Not according to the discussion where I found it. Seems not to work for everybody....
  5. Then there is a slight chance that it may work now on iPads (iOS 12). (Supported RAW formats iOS 12 and macOS Mojave)
  6. Any ideas how to convert this for/on an iPad without carrying a notebook as well? Otherwise Affinity Photo for iPad is kind of useless for me atm.
  7. Neither Windows nor iPad supports the Apple RAW engine. When is Affinity Photo capable of reading EOS Rs RAW Files?