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  1. I find it very difficult to move objects around, especially line vectors. It makes the program a frustrating experience to create vectors of any complexity.
  2. Hello, Is there a way to quickly get the text frame box to fit around the text without manually dragging the corners? In Adobe Illustrator, you could double click a corner point and the box would automatically fit the text. Thanks
  3. Thanks, do you know why it comes out wonky when I expand?
  4. Hello, When I expand the stroke on say a circle, the result comes out wonky. Why is this? Is there another way to scale objects or groups of objects while maintaining the proportions without expanding the stroke? Thanks
  5. This really should be made into a simple feature like in Sketch's 'Rotate Copies'. Really useful for logo designs etc.
  6. Sometimes the whole page appears scrambled. The scrambling happens if i return to the open program from using other apps/web. The scrambling goes away when I move the mouse. Here is a shot from Affinity Photo which also has the same problems for me.
  7. The external monitor is an LG 27MP65, used with a late 2016 MacBook pro 15" with touch bar 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7 Graphics - Radeon Pro 455 2048 MB, Intel HD Graphics 530 1536 MB
  8. Hi MEB, I had it in 'Separated Mode', and when I unchecked that the menu reappeared. Does the top menu not show up when in Separated Mode? I often like to have multiple windows on different monitors, which is why I selected Separated Mode. Thanks
  9. My menu bar has dissapeared, and I can't see how to get it back? The one at the top, not the side tools bar. Thanks
  10. Hello, I sometimes get these red elements on the interface. If I click on them they go away. Mac OS Sierra 10.12.4
  11. Just seen this question was recently asked. Not sure how to delete this one.
  12. Hello, When I try to export to JPEG at a size for example 728x90 px, it keeps adding 1 px on the output, which comes out as 729x91. It's really quite frustrating. I'm using Mac OS Sierra 10.12.4 Thanks
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