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Photoshop Brushes (.abr) Compatibility

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Hi there MEB and the AD community.


Been Photoshop a software that have + than two decades running, is plausible to find infinite brush presets and communities that develop them. I think it would make sense been able to import .abr files (photoshop brushes) in AD, since is perfectly legal to enable file compatibilities, and besides having its own file extension, presets and communities.

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Yes, this would be very nice. So far importing .abr files and a live trace feature are the only two things that force me to keep other software around. I really would love to be able to switch to AD 100%... :-D

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Hello albertolaycg,

Welcome to Affinity Forums.

Yes, i agree it would be great to have access to the vast libraries of icons, brushes, presets, whatever already available for other apps. As i told to @motoko in other thread, I do not know if it's technically possible to import abr files into Affinity or if this is being considered, but i will try to get that info for you.

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This is a major one. At the very least license from Frenden or the guys from Art Studio some brushes.

It would be nice not to need Photoshop/Affinity Photo for all web works. Keeping raster and vector layers together so easily is amazing, but without being able to use years worth of custom brushes, it is a huge minus. The custom brushes in designer are ok defaults, but as an artist I don't want to spend any time customizing things I've already customized through much trial and error.


.tpl files and .abr

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I am really interested in this feature as well! I work as a concept artist and would like to be able to use all my favourite brushes from Photoshop in AP.


I just got the imac retina 5K and all of Adobes software is really slow on this computer. I put my faith in that AP will be my go to painting app, because it looks really, really promising. If it doesn't have all of the features Photoshop has, then I can live with that, but for me and I think a lot like me, it would be essential to be able to import abr brushes. From what I can see in the brushes options, it looks like it works very similar to how PS brushes are set up. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will be implemented! 

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