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  1. albertolaycg

    Photoshop Brushes (.abr) Compatibility

    Hi MEB, thank you! So heedful as always. Nope, it can't be done in 1.1.2 release... don't know about live trace's motoko is saying :S
  2. Hi there MEB and the AD community. Been Photoshop a software that have + than two decades running, is plausible to find infinite brush presets and communities that develop them. I think it would make sense been able to import .abr files (photoshop brushes) in AD, since is perfectly legal to enable file compatibilities, and besides having its own file extension, presets and communities.
  3. OOOk MEB, that was not what I mean to but tell MattP that he's a genius! :D Hopping for that tool next upgrade! I meant like the white text in the orange ribbon on this image: [logo] I had to manually fit the text to cure's path...
  4. MEB, is there any way to naturally round shape artistic/frame text? like "San Antonio" Spurs logo in Newbie's NBA logos image...