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The SVG export in AD of a text term (both frame and artistic) does not appear to recognize AD tracking correctly.The SVG made from AD puts the proper tracking between the first and second character of a single word, but then bunches all of the next letters together as if they had no tracking, but the last letter appears in its proper place at the very end with a large space before it, i.e., as if all of the other letters had been properly tracked.


I have tried using kerning rather than tracking in creating the same single term (again in both frame and artistic text), but all metric options are greyed (not available). In this respect, I have to return to Illustrator which works better, although the tracking/kerning in the SVG is slightly less than in the original.


BTW, I'm still trying to figure out how kerning vs tracking works in AD since it appears to be different than I understand from my publishing experience. Are there any posts or help articles that could illuminate my ignorance?

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Thanks, DWright. Glad that this is being addressed. Is there any idea if this will be included in the next AD upgrade. We are often facing the problem in preparing SVGs for our app and do not want to waste the time with work-arounds (which increase the sizes of our SVGs) if this will soon be solved. I realize that you cannot divulge "classified" info, but it would be nice to know if it is a present priority or not.


BTW, this problem does not exist when artistic text is along a curve, if that helps.

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I'm writing this only because it might help identifying the problem. This needs no respose.

- - - - - - -

When creating an SVG of a text in AD's Frame Text, using Myriad Pro, a kerning problem emerges which is seen when the SVG is brought back into AD. It is not a problem when simply pressing space bar  (in Mac) to view this SVG. See "conflicts" below.


However, when I replace the "f" in "conflicts with an Arial "f" but leave the rest of the word in Myriad Pro, it appears correctly when bringing it back into AD. 


I have made this text into Plain Text (in Mac's Text edit) and brought it back into AD, but the problem persists. I have also discarded the Frame Text and recreated it using Art Text, but the problem persists.


It is interesting that the automatic spelling (underlining misspells in red) shows that AD often does not recognize the full word but only the part of the word following the first letter. Thus AD shows many words as misspells since they are not recognized s having an opening letter.



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