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Opening files in Designer Beta...

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Hey guys,


I posted about this before a while ago but I feel the need to post again because it's very irritating and I really think it should be given some attention from the dev team.


The issue is the kind of buggy relationship between the MAS/beta versions of your app. As you guys already know, during a beta cycle one might open loads of .afdesign files with it and therefore move the beta into the 'default app' list in OSX. The problem is that after the beta cycle ends and you update the MAS version, all your .afdesign files are still tied to the beta, which with a double click, sends you on a magical journey like this:


> splash screen with an error message

> click 'ok'

> new tab opens in your browser to app store

> app store then opens up on OSX

> close window

> close tab

> another splash screen with 'failed to open file'

> click ok

> beta splash screen then freezes on screen until you right click and manually close it


What's the problem with still being able to use the beta even if it's a version behind the MAS? There must be another way to indicate that you've opened your file up in an outdated beta, other than the process above.


When I was using the Adobe Muse/Muse beta apps they functioned just fine because it was up to you where you opened your files. If you opened them in an outdated beta, fine.


Unless I'm still totally missing the point, I still consider this a problem. And a problem that makes me want to systematically end everyone in the office.


Thanks for reading that wall,

Stu W.


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Except the fact that the beta actually stops working, this is sort of default behaviour in macOS and nothing specific to AD and ADB. Each single file can be tied a specific application even when several apps that can open them, are present.


You could view the Get info window to any AD file and set AD as the "open with" application and be sure to "Change All..". Alternatively you could just throw away ADB until next working version is made available.

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Yea it does indeed stop working, that's sort of my point. The problem is it stops working in the most maddening way possible. And I know an easy solution is to just go to the 'Get info' menu and change the default program list, but it's always better to fix a problem from the source, which is in Serif's hands surely?


Is it a way of limiting access to those that don't own the MAS version? Is it for another reason? I don't get it.


Basically what I'm asking is if I accidentally open a file with the outdated beta, why do I get sent on a round trip via the app store? I own the MAS version, I own it. Please stop asking me to buy it again.

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