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Colour Picker improvement

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First let me say I'm loving both AD & AP, I'm currently playing around with the trials and think they've got great potential!


One feature which I am very pleased about is the ability to pick colours with their alpha value (on a specific layer),

so much so I made a video on it:





I'd like to suggest a little addition to the colour picker which I think would be useful.


Add an indication of the current colour and the new colour under the mouse position, maybe something like this:




Also display the alpha value in the numerical readout.


I'd love to be able to set the Alt Brush Tool picker to Current Layer rather than global for quickly picking transparent colours.


Another thing that seems a little weird (but may just be my misunderstanding) is that when you switch to the picker, pick a colour, then switch back to the brush tool, your not painting in the colour you picked, you have to press the little dropper icon to use that picked colour.. is that correct? as it feels a little inefficient.


Thanks for your time,

Passive :)

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I would like that the color picker also will be added in the Frince filter and other filters. Will gain the speed of work. Because you can pick a colour.

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