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Hello, guys at Serif.
I have found the root of all problems with export to PDF. Please, open the attached file, export it to PDF, open the exported PDFs with Affinity Designer and verify the layers panel. Some (or all) gradient fill curves was rasterised.
AD have a BUG. if a linear gradient have more than 2 colors, and if mid point is not exactly 50%. AD will rasterise it at export to PDF.
Please, Serif guys. Correct it!


Gradients in Affinity Designer.afdesign

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And when it comes down to it, all these gradient types and their rasterizing has been reported and commented upon by Serif in the past.


Btw. Conical gradients have no support in a pdf. Some applications rasterizes them to maintain both appearance and the processing it takes to print them, and some applications will create a bazillion individual triangular vector objects of a single color in order to keep them vector. The former method can slow down a rip considerably.

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