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[AD] Text in png is jagged unless at 100% zoom

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I created an Affinity Designer document 18" x 18" at 300 dpi. I place just text, converted the text to outlines and exported as a png.


When I open the .png in Affinity Designer, the text is jagged, looks horrible. to zoom in at 100% and now it looks normal.


Can someone tell me why it does that? I would think that since it's vector, it should look the same at any zoom level.



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I saved it as a png. AD gives the option to save as .png.


I'm designing some prints and my printer needs them as a .png or psd.


I prefer to work in a vector program so my plan is to design in AD with rgb and export as png. Is this not a good plan?



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Well, the answer is right there:

PNG is a pixel format and does not support vectors.

As soon as you export your vector drawing to a pure pixel format like PNG, the vector information is converted to pixel information, while the vector information itself is lost. So when you reload your exported PNG image in Affinity Designer, there is only pixel information to interpret and to display on screen. Hence the “pixelated” look …  ;)

As a rule, you should always save your designs as .afdesign files, as long as you are working on them, and keep these “originals” for further editing. Only as a final step you should export your design to one of the formats your printer requires.

Hope that makes sense …  :)


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