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Unexpected result when highlighting and editing text.

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I've noticed an counter-intuitive result when editing text in Affinity.

If I highlight a section of text, then type over it, I expect the resulting text to maintain the styles of the previously highlighted text.

However in Affinity, only the first typed character keeps the style, the following characters use the styles of the text AFTER the insertion point.



  • I type two lines of text.
  • I make the first line bold
  • I highlight the whole first line (triple click)
  • I type to replace this line with new text.
  • The resulting text has a bold first character, but regular thickness for the rest.

I'm not sure if this is by design, but it's really annoying!

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It may be by design, but it's certainly counter-intuitive! As a simple workaround, after triple-clicking the first line to select it, press Shift+left-arrow on your keyboard so that the end-of-line character is no longer included in the selection.

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