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Hi all,


I did not find any answer to my question in the forum.

I want to draw a vector line with the brush tool. But instead of the default circular brush tip want something more like a line.

So the stroke thickness will depend on the direction of drawing.

If I switch to the pixel persona I then can modify the brush the way I want it (see screenshot).


But that is not a vector line and I'm not able to modify it afterwards.

Is there a way to do the same thing with a vector tool in Designer?







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Hi fr43nk,


Welcome to the forums.


As you have already found, in the Pixel Persona you do have options to adjust the brush to suit your needs. Our developers have plans to include a calligraphy line tool in Designer which when available should be able to create the type of style you want.




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I can't believe this isn't already available in Designer. I spent quite awhile today trying to figure out how to do a calligraphy brush, only to realize AD doesn't offer it. Seems so fundamental to me.

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