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  1. I can't believe this isn't already available in Designer. I spent quite awhile today trying to figure out how to do a calligraphy brush, only to realize AD doesn't offer it. Seems so fundamental to me.
  2. I can't believe this seems so hard...I have two separate lines that meet at a vertex. I want to marquee select the area where they meet, then drag them to a new position. I read this: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/596-node-tool/ I still don't have the ability to marquee select anything. I have tried selecting entire objects first, then switching to the node tool and dragging a new selection. No success. I'm used to Illustrator where I can just select the points I want and drag.
  3. Ok, I read that, but I thought it was referring to the node tool Seems silly to select with the direct selection tool then use the node tool. Thanks for the replies!
  4. Sorry, I didn't include the layers panel. (Wanted to keep the selection area focused.)
  5. It doesn't matter. Lines are diagonal. See attached screenshot.
  6. I am a long term photoshop user and trying to get used to AP. I have two rasterized object layers on the canvass. Both are circular shapes with transparent backgrounds. I want to overlap them, and make the overlapping area a different color. I also want to desaturate the two layers. I tried duplicating one of the layers and placed it inside the other. That does a great job masking it. But the challenge I face is APPLYING AN ADJUSTMENT LAYER TO ONLY THE PARENT LAYER, not the children. An example of my layers: circle one adjustment1: desaturate circle two adjustment2: hue shift circle two adjustment3: desaturate
  7. Wow. I'm so impressed you deciphered my post so well! That's exactly what I was trying to understand! Thank you!
  8. I just spent over an hour on a design. AD crashed as I was saving and the recovery file had NONE of my edits! It only shows the original file. The original file was a jpeg, and I was using it as a guide to draw something. On save, I tried to navigate to a part of my file structure, and the app crashed. And this was not a complex design. So furious.
  9. finedesign

    Trying not to hate you, Affinity Designer

    Thanks ABC. This is the crash report. Affinity Designer_2016-03-25-095033_Pauls-iMac-1459.crash.zip
  10. finedesign

    Trying not to hate you, Affinity Designer

    Sorry, that would have been more helpful, wouldn't it? Can I access it after the app restarts? I just selected "Restart" instead of running a crash report.
  11. I'm having trouble maintaining consistent color between Affinity Designer and other apps, like Hype. What I have done is I create a system palette (Apple OS) in AD, which I then access in Hype. In theory these should be the same, but there is a difference. I get completely different HEX values for system palettes created in AD, but viewed in Hype. I am wondering if I could make a setting change in the "Colour Profiles" preferences. Would this fix my problem? I'm attaching a screenshot showing my settings. (I believe they are all defaults.) [NOTE: I cannot upload the screenshot. When I try to attach a file here it says "Upload Skipped (Error IO). This happens even after a refresh.]
  12. First, for uncle808us, you can access that cog in several apps. I believe that screenshot was taken in Textedit. Just select a color for your font and find the appropriate tab. I'm attaching a screenshot called "textedit." (Nice to see uploads working today!) Second, thank you Leigh for your feedback. This is the best help I've received so far on this issue. Unfortunately it still does not solve my problem. I have attached four consecutive screenshots showing my process in the Hype color picker. The important thing to notice is that the hex value in the bottom field is the same when you switch to different tabs. However, there is only one tab (the third from the left) that can access my custom palette created in Affinity Designer. (See 1.png) However, that menu does not allow me to change the color space. If I switch to tab #2 (2.png) then I can access the different color spaces from the cog menu (3.png). While you're there, you can notice there are TWO hex value fields. This is important. The bottom one is how the picker is interpreting the swatches, based on the color space. When you change the color space IT WILL NOT CHANGE THE HEX VALUE AT THE BOTTOM, but it will adjust it in the smaller field above it. (4.png) Obviously this does not provide a sustainable workflow. I wish I could change a setting in Hype to force the color space to whatever it was in AD. Also, if you're in a custom palette, then switch over to the second tab and it drastically changes your color, make sure it is set to the right mode (likely RGB instead of Greyscale or something else). Once to set that correctly, then you can go back to your custom palette, choose the color again, then go BACK to tab #2 and see the sliders for that color. There must be a better way to import colors from AD to Hype seamlessly. I finally gave up and recreated all 50+ swatches in Hype.
  13. Is there any way to change the color picker color profile? I can sample the correct HEX value and create the system palette fine, but when I access the same system color palette in another app it alters the HEX value slightly...slight, but enough to be totally unusable.
  14. I have over 20 colors in a palette and need to analyze them. To do so in Illustrator, I would just select each object and view the subtle changes in the color values in the HSL viewer. Unfortunately I am using global colors and want to keep them linked. But it appears impossible to simply select an object and view its values in the colour palette. It only shows the global color name. Yes, I can manually override it, but when I click another object, then go back, it shows the same thing.
  15. I have drawn a pie chart using the donut tool. I simply want to make a circular gradient blend AROUND the circle. I have tried the elliptical and radial gradients. I even tried applying a linear gradient to the stroke. None work for obvious reasons. The only one that somewhat works is the conical gradient. However, it produces a sharp line between extremes on the gradient list of colors. I will hack it so that I produce a smooth blur, but it seems there should be a better method. See attached.
  16. I'm wanting to merge color swatches between palettes. There doesn't appear to be a way. I can export > import, but that doesn't allow me to merge them. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong!
  17. Thanks. Yeah that's what I ended up doing. Just seems like there should be a more straightforward way out of the box.
  18. finedesign

    Snap to text baseline

    I would even argue that text baseline snapping is more critical for screen layouts. The whole Google material design approach uses typographic grids. I don't understand how people actually use AD for grid layouts and typography.
  19. finedesign

    Snap to text baseline

    Has this been resolved yet? I am trying to understand how to setup text snapping to my grid system in AD.
  20. I am trying to preview app layouts on iPhone via Skala preview. When creating a new document, I use the default iPhone 5 (Retina) preset, but the dimensions are 320pt x 568pt – half what they should be in pixels: 640px x 1136px. And the layout is centered small in Skala on my phone. Of course I can zoom the layout to fit, but this results in everything pixelated. Adjusting the DPI doesn't change anything. When I double the dimensions, the layout displays correctly in Skala. But I shouldn't have to override the default presents for every device. Also, when I open .ai files for app layouts, they always show up the same way...half size. Maybe the issue has something to do with my mixing pixels and points? Does anyone use another preview app with Affinity? Is this on the Affinity roadmap?
  21. Thanks Matt– I contacted the folks that make Skala and they seem surprised by the behavior as well. It looks like I either need to double the size of my layouts (and incur all kinds of resize complexity when importing/exporting assets) or just deal with sketchy .5x previews on my device when Skala scales it up. I'm not clear if the iOS app you mention is designed to preview desktop layouts on iPhone. That is what I want to do. If there is any other solution to previewing layouts on devices, please share!
  22. I am interested in Affinity designer and photo, but am disappointed that it does not include RTL text support. Apple OSX offers this natively in its apps. I was expecting Affinity to also offer the same as it appears to . It might be helpful to look at some market numbers for Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi design. It is only expected to explode as one of the strongest emerging markets. –paul