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Note sure if this is the right plave for this....

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..... I'm just about to swap out my mid 2012 MacBook Pro for a new one. My question is, do I have to de-activate my copy of Affinity (both photo and designer) on the old machine before installing them on the new one? Please tell me I don't have to buy whole new licenses?


Thanks in anticipation

Steve aka TheRogue

Life is one long design process

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According to Apple, you can install Affinity Designer or Photo on any computer you own or have under control for your personal use. Simply download another copy of the application to your new device, and you are good to go …  :)



Hi Steve, 


Just make sure that you are using the same Apple ID as you use for your old MBP: 



You should then be able to download/install your purchases from the 'Purchased' tab in the App Store. 


Paul.  ;)

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Hi Sean o,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Can you give us a few more details please?

I'm assuming you are trying to (re)install the application from the Mac App Store - is that correct?

If so make sure you are logged-in with the same Apple ID used to buy the application, then go to the Purchased section (on top) in the Mac App Store app and click the install button in front of the app's name from the list below. Let me know if you still have trouble or if i haven't address your question properly.

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