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import text an character problem

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I can’t insert a text from the file (rtf, doc, docx) to a frame. Even copy from wordpad to a text frame in designer!


TXT files are OK. Working with formatted text could be very helpful.


How can I place a special character from Character Map like U+00B0 = °?


Has anyone else had this problem?


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Thanks for reporting this, there are a couple of existing text copy/paste issues in, so I believe this is already reported, but have logged a new issue to be sure.


You can use alt key codes to insert special characters, this site might be of use to you. ALT+167 will get you the degree symbol.



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This site may be of use to you if you don't have, or prefer not to use, a numeric keypad. The Classic set provides easy access to characters such as ©, and °.


It would be good to be able to insert a much greater range of characters via the 'Text > Insert Character' submenu in AD.

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