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  1. I have problem copy only one channel like red from picture and paste or create new from clipboard! Always I got all channels! However, when I cut a channel, the content in the selected channel disappears. It means I have cut out the content, but all channels are sticking. it is similar when I create a new one from the clipboard. Can I just copy / cut a channel? Any help is much appreciated, thanks!
  2. Hi Thank you for your help. However, these methods do not work. I checked earlier. The contents of all channels are always copied. Obviously visible in the area of the selected channel. Eventually, I found the method. Right click on the channel and select create a grayscale channel. I can then move it or copy it.
  3. Hi I have problem with correct printing with transparent elements. On a page are embedded pdf logo and few embedded psd with transparency and shadow fx. Printing on PS color laser printer without "Clip Transparency" I got a rectangle (lighter/darker) around each object and no shadow effect! Sample attached - print1.png = pdf logo Then print with selected "Clip Transparency". Is better. Although still poorly you will see a rectangle around the object and no shadow effect! Sample attached - print2.png, print3.png and corresponding - screenshot.png I find that the best way is to export to pdf and print pdf, however can I print without boxes around objects and with visible shadow effect? WIN 10
  4. If / when you can count on the support for colour svg fonts and variable var variable fonts? MAC and WIN systems recognize them, even AD shows them on the menu but then they are black
  5. Hi I find a problem with superscript sign ® on MAC and PC. In many fonts ® is not in superscript on default. So when I press superscript buton in Typography bar it should be in superscript. However it is NOT. Still its on baseline. It works with regular characters like numbers, but with some special like ® © ∞ doesn't!
  6. Poziomka

    superscript ®

    I prefer typographic support, and there are more and more fonts supporting the appropriate glyphs. So I am waiting for the new version of Designer and Publisher Thank you
  7. Poziomka

    superscript ®

    OK, my mistake. I did not see the "S" field in Character palette. However, when working in AD, this field was not available and the superscrip function worked correctly from the typography palette! Even if the font did not have the proper glyph (eg Arial)! So, are we not making a mess using two methods in two places leading to the same goal? And well, we have a discrepancy in the use of programs, on the one hand AD and APhoto on the other APublisher
  8. HI Is it possible to activate the Photoshop clipping path (embeded in tiff, psd, jpg) in affinity photo, designer or publisher?
  9. OK it works with JPEG when it is opened in AP. I didn't try JPD my fault, sorry. However in TIFFs and PSDs it doesn't work and images placed with clipping path to Affinity need to be clipped (extra work if You didn't check the file). My suggestion is to add this feature to all Affinity app and files (TIF, PSD) as well.
  10. Hi I find problem inserting tab sign in Bullets and Numbering. Working on MAC after bullet symbol i can insert tab sign via "option (alt)+ Tab". However on PC via "alt+Tab" we change active window. I can copy and paste Tab symbol in to palette but it is inconvenient. Next problem is that any bullet symbol doesn’t appear in the Bullets and Numbering menu. It is instead blue rectangle. Any suggestion how to solve the problem?
  11. Sorry My mistake . I find Tab on the bottom of the bullets list "\t". Still is problem with correct displaying used bullet symbol.
  12. Hi I find problem with export pages instead of spreads. It happened when I start new document with facing pages and chose "Start on Left" page. Next I add new page got nice spread. However when I wat to export to PDF I find problem. No option for single page export, only "Area: Whole document". I made export and got spread and no bleed on spread. In regular layout starting on Right Page export is working well. Its happening both on MAC and PC (ver:
  13. Yes new type of fonts: SVG and Variable.
  14. HI I found a problem with displaying the brush size in Affinity Photo (1.61.93) Win 10 PL. When working with a Wacom tablet or on a Surface Pro. The size and center of the brush are not displayed. I have to use a mouse or touch pad then it appears. After changing to the pen disappears (Sometimes it works for a while after changing.) I thought it was a Wacom driver problem, but on Surface is similar. It's good to see a brush spot, but by drawing off the mask you can only see the white arrow. Robert screen rec.mp4
  15. Poziomka

    misplaced preview

    Working on the designer met me something unusual. The preview of the work has moved to the top corner of the screen! Not the whole project just preview! The curves were in place. In the outline mode view, however, they are not visible. I see the preview of the shifted image. After reboot the program is displayed OK. This is not the first time that something like this happens to me. Previously I had many programs running, and I thought that might have been a problem. Now it was only Designer.
  16. HI I found the problem with inserting the windows character <F0FF> from the wingdings font. Inserted with the character map turns into a tiny square. Copied form notpad, word, etc. in similar way. I know it's old symbol, but is still recognizable and useful in providing keyboard shortcuts. Wingdings font is on every computers. In the other case there is no problem inserting windows sign from Marlett font <F057> Robert
  17. As in topic, Can I hide (temporarily) overset text in AD?
  18. Hi How to keep overprint in the imported pdf file? I placed PDF with applied overprint to strokes and fils to AD file. After export to PDF X4 overprints (except black) failed. Any idea how to prevent it? Thank you for your help in this matter.
  19. Poziomka

    Unhandled Exception 0x80004003

    I have the exact issue: 0x80004003. Affinity Designer crashes on startup​. I have observed that this happens when I run the program from the second monitor. When the program starts from the first (primary) monitor is OK. I move it to the second and continue to work.
  20. HI Lee D Yes in did, but it's a bit more work. I hope for a quick upgrade :)
  21. Hi How to keep global colour during copy/paste in AD layouts? After pasting they are just object with applied colour and I have to make them global again. I know I can save and import palette. However I like to add only a few swatches from the previous project.
  22. Hi I find a problem typing polish text. I can't type ć <0107> Ć <0106> ł <0142> Ł <0141> It looks like that in this case right alt + selected character perform different function. Robert