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Wacom drivers and OS X 10.10 < Wacom "sees" this as 10.1!!!!

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Apologies as this is not an Affinity bug; I'll leave it to the mods as to where this should be.  I tried installing my bamboo fun driver on my MBP, now running Yosemite.


The driver balked, saying it would not install into OSX older than 10.6.


Even though we see Yosemite as "ten point ten," the driver sees it as "ten point one"


It's on Wacom to rectify this, but anyone for whom tablets are mission-critical, holding off on Yosemite might be a very good move.

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Yes, but none which would be constructive..


Sorry, I get that people want to use a tablet, but I am, to this day, yet to see anything which is worth the money charged. Poor hardware, poor drivers, poor software, massive cost.. I just don't get it :/


I'm sure others will disagree, and offer more useful advice :)



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Adam nailed it. I've been using Wacoms for years. I regard them as necessary to my work, but the software/hardware is weak sauce. And I don't know which is the culprit for some weird behavior..such as double-clicks registering when I didn't double-click, or scrolling in finder windows and document windows which are NOT in front.


I've contacted Wacom about this and some their people acted like they couldn't be bothered. If Wacom weren't the only game in town, their stuff might be less squirrelly.


I am currently using the Bamboo Fun tablet; bought at Costco, so the price was decent, but all of these things are simply priced too high in my opinion. Works fine 95% of the time, until it does something I didn't want, but..it's not the end of the world. More an annoyance. the hardware seems to hold up but beware of weak connections where cables enter the tablet (if the wired version) and the pens seem to have this tactile coating which gets nasty with use and eventually rubs off. Eww.


Maybe Apple will make a larger version of their magic track pad and throw in a pen for all us mac-using artists? That would obviate the whole weird wacom driver problem.

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