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Vector Halftones


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Some of the older ones may remember the Halftone Sticker Sheets from Letraset and other companies, that were used as graphics content in the analogue last century, to fill areas with halftones of certain percentages. I worked a lot with it in my early days. Some time ago a user asked for a vector based digital solution for that on this forums. So I thought about it and then created the attached assets.

My idea was to create a very simple, small and flexible solution, that doesn't need too many bytes and is easy to handle anyway. So I reduced the halftone texture to the minimum you need. That should allow you to add those to your Assets Panel without slowing down your app too much with it.

And here is how to use it:

1. Drag one of the Halftone Texture Elements on your open document.
2. Align it to the top left of your document.
3. Press Enter to open the Move/Duplicate dialogue.
4. Look at the Transform Panel to see the Width of the Halftone Texture Element and enter or copy and paste it into the field Horizontal of the Move/Duplicate dialogue. Take care that you enter the right measurement unit - the elements are created in Pixels, but possibly your document is set to Inches or Millimeters.
5. Tick the Duplicate Field to activate the duplicate function.
6. Enter the number of duplicates you want into the field Number of Copies. You can also simply click into this field and use the arrow button Up repeatedly to increase the number of duplicates.
7. Then click OK.

Now you have one line of Halftone Texture Elements.

8. Press Ctrl+A (on Windows) or Cmd+A (on Mac) to select all elements.
9. Press Enter to open the Move/Duplicate dialogue again.
10. Enter the height of the elements into the field Vertical (in case of the Halftone Strokes, enter the Width as Height).
11. Tick the Duplicate Field.
12. Enter the number of duplicates you want into the field Number of Copies or increase it using the Up arrow button as I told above.
13. Click OK.
14. Finally, I recommend to select all elements (layers) and apply the Boolean Operation (Geometry) Add, to make just one object outoff all of the elements (layers).

All single elements are 50 pixels x 50 pixels at 300 Pixels per Inch; so 4,2 mm x 4,2 mm  respectively 0,16535 Inch x 0,16535 Inch. As they are vectors, you can scale them lossless.

Thats it. Not too complicated, I think.

I hope someone likes it and finds it useful. You can of course use it for personal projects and as well for commercial ones. But dont resell the Assets!

Vector Halftones.afassets

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