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  1. I've just watched the interesting and informative video Creating and exporting assets in Affinity Designer for animation and games with Bob Byrne. Bob mentions the menu item File>Share for sharing things on social media, email and so on. As I didn't know about this, I thought I'd have a close look at it, but ... it's not there! There's an entry in the Help, but it goes to a blank page. Is it specific to teh Mac version, or am I looking in the wrong place?
  2. Well, the left side looked empty: it needed some weight to balance the right side, but I didn't want to take attention away from the rest of the image. I made several over-elaborate attempts before I decided on keeping it simple and unobtrusive.
  3. I painted a picture of a view of Saturn from one of its moons, seen through a Gothic ruin, back in the psychedelic psixties. I've been meaning to update it for years: and now i have.
  4. How tedious! I keep getting ads on social media telling me the creative world runs on a certain photo editor. Ours runs on a different one.Saturn photo from NASA/Cassini, starry background and merged texture from magazine freebies, stately home window from my own photos and my (hand-tinted) baby brother (many years ago!) from my late father's photos; lots of masking, clipping, a bit of dodging & burning ...
  5. Thanks Wosven -- why didn't I think of that? Too long shut up indoors, maybe! It works; I found the Add blend mode worked for RGB. It's Clear in the English language version, by the way:-- I shall go and experiment with it and see what I can do.
  6. The current Practical Photography magazine has a piece on how to do this with Channels in Photoshop: simply move one channel to the right and another to the left. I can't get this to work in AP: if I select any channel and move it (Move tool) the others move with it, whether they're set to not editable or otherwise.I've tried copying each channel to a new layer, but I can't find a way to recolour them and set a blend mode that gives the same effect.Any ideas? This was made in Paint Shop Pro, which has turned the RGB layers into CMY, just to add to my woes.
  7. As a slightly younger crock, it was a little before my time, but my parents and grandparents told me about it when I was small, and I've studied the period since. Of course, Bluebirds was written by an American songwriter before the US entered the War, and it's an interesting story. He wanted to write a song like Somewhere over the rainbow to cheer up us Brits in our time of trouble, and also to bring the domestic side of it all to Americans' attention: as I'm sure you know, there was a lot of support there both for coming in and for staying out). The song was a runaway hit for Vera, to her great surprise! But it certainly did wonders for morale -- so thank you for that, America.
  8. Oh, I wouldn't dream of competing with Mr Briggs, Jules!
  9. Just spotted this -- thanks!
  10. Well, you may say I'm jumping to conclusions, but I thought maybe Americans are as good at geography as they are at ornithology! Thank you for the compliment.
  11. I see I've managed to upload the separate sections in the wrong order! And I can't seem to edit them about. done by mod By the way, those are NOT bluebirds -- they're swifts!
  12. The other day I suddenly thought I ought to make something to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day, remembering the Allies' victory in Europe in the Second World War. Unusually for me, the design came into my head in almost finished form, illustrating lines from the chorus of Vera Lynn's famous song, (There'll Be Bluebirds Over) The White Cliffs of Dover. I thought I'd share it here before I post it on social media. I Googled a few photos for guidance as I'm not brilliant at drawing completely from scratch, and made up some vector illustrations almost entirely with the Pen tool (rather than starting with shapes, my usual method), switching between Designer and Photo and back as I went along. The wavy text I made by rasterising Artistic Text and applying the Mesh Warp tool: turning on the grid made sure I applied the distortion evenly. The leaves and clouds are simply Cloud shapes, while the flowers I did with a pixel brush on layers clipped to their vector layers. Finally, the VE Day 75 logo is easy to find online, but only in pixel format, so I downloaded one and made up a vector version. The letters are Arial Black, but the numerals aren't: I couldn't find a close enough match in the fonts I have, so I made them as vectors too. (BTW, I'm not forgetting the war against Japan. I'll see what appears.) This was originally A2 in size, but I've reduced it for posting ... VE-DAY-LOGO.afdesign
  13. Oh, I never thought of that -- I thought you'd drawn them. But your way is how I'd do it myself, so I should have guessed! A very neatly done job.
  14. We were all the worst once upon a time, Freddy! You're off to a flying start, and I can tell you it will get even better as you gain experience and skill. Keep it up! (And don;t be afraid to steal borrow from others' work )
  15. You're a fan of Francis Bacon, I'm guessing? And maybe Lucian Freud ... and I'm getting too out of touch theses days to see any more influences. I'm very impressed by your works.
  16. Vectors, I'm guessing, pangloy? The reactions seem a little excessive -- I expect they're feeling the strain of lockdown! 😊
  17. Well, I love 'em, Garry! I can;t think of any improvements, unless you want to produce a complete set for us to play with ... which wouldn't have the impact of this.
  18. Somewhere I've got a copy of Stubbs' Horse frightened by a lion that I made on white corrugated cardboard with coloured inks. (Just the horse, not the rest.)
  19. She's very good! I haven't used pastels for a good many years, but I used to find that, being dry, so long as you could put your stroke in the right place it was a much easier medium than wet painting. Does your good lady use a mahl stick? It's a great way of keeping your sleeves out of your artwork.
  20. I did reduce the intensity of the chalk in the gaps, Aammppaa -- I could see towards the end of the process it didn't look right. But the paving is in a public space, and as far as I can tell from the original the 'gaps' are actually filled with a dark cement or mastic and the surface is nearly flush with the tiles. In hindsight, it struck me a better course might have been to lighten them to make them less conspicuous. Still, it's all part of life's learning curve!
  21. To stave off the boredom, I'm working from home. even though I've been retired for nearly four years! I saw a post on Facebook the other day, which I'm pretty sure was 'photoshopped' as it looked too good and the 'artist' was kneeling on his artwork. It was well made, but of course, I thought 'I can do that!' and I have. Credits: girl by Analise Benevides on Unsplash, pavement by Mabel Amber from Pixabay, Girl with pearl earring by Vermeer from Wikipedia, pastels from Google. Good fun -- I shall try another one in the near future.
  22. As far as I can tell, it does put in fewer nodes than 1.7 -- usually. I haven't experimented very much yet; I still have 1.7 on my old laptop, so I'll see what's what when I get down to it.
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