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Affinity Designer for Webdesign: Grid Offset

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Hi, first of all thank you for this great software, recently I stated using it to draw websites mockups and I love it.

The biggest problem in designing websites I perceived is the lack of an appropriate gird system: now i'm using guides, but I have to place all my artboards one below the other due to the artboard context guides bug (If i duplicate the artboard and move it to the right, the guides stand still and go off canvas, not be rebased on the new context).

The integrated grid system would be great and really suitable for webdesign needs (thanks to his gutter feature), but the problem is that it always starts from (0,0), but often a website needs the grid in the centered wrapper.


It could be possible to implement the feature to offsetting the starting point of the grid?


With this feature, for exemple for an artboard of 1366px and a centered wrapper of 960px, i could simply calculate the width of every column and gutter and then set the starting point at (1366px - 960px) / 2 = 203px.


In the case you can't or won't implement this solution, there could be another solutions to simplify webdesigners life and make Affinity Designer a perfect tool for drawing websites:

- Implement the "Convert Object to Guide" feature, like inkscape

- Implement a "guide presets" feature, so everyone could create his presets and apply them any time thay need


Thank you very much for your attention :)


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I have the same use case as lordgiotto. Would love to specify an offset for the start of the grid.


Or alternatively: top, bottom, left, and right margins. So you could have a triangular grid, inside of a bounding rectangle, with margins along the edges.


The main reason for this, of course, is to see what our web page and print layouts will look like with surrounding whitespace, as they will have in the finished product.

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Hi lordgiotto,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

The Artboards/grids implementation isn't completed yet. We are aware of the issues with the grids and artboards.

There will be changes later to address those concerns including changing the origin point.


I love Designer's grid system, hope to see this feature soon!

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