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Affinity Photo v 2 - Masks from selections

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I'd like to suggest you an important improvement for Affinity Photo v 2. I noticed that when I try to modify the selections already transformed into a mask layer, the modifications don't have any effects directly on the same mask layer. We have to add a completely new mask layer in order to have the update mask. When I modify a selection , there isn't any button to confirm the modifications on the selection, so also the selection mask remain unchanged. To speed the work flow of post production of some picture with the software, I think that you have to keep account the above situation to improve the software consequently.

Thanks in advance and best regards.

Carlo Francia

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Can you post some images showing your problem?
Below the mask, outlined in red, was created from a marquee. The loop  upper right was done with a white paintbrush, the loop lower left was done with a midgrey colour. It seems to work for me


Microsoft Windows 11 Home, Intel i7-1360P 2.20 GHz, 32 GB RAM, 1TB SSD, Intel Iris Xe
Affinity Photo - 24/05/20, Affinity Publisher - 06/12/20, KTM Superduke - 27/09/10

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I  try to explain the problem with the following photos.

1st Step : I make a first selection as shown in the Step 1 picture.

               With this selection I create a mask layer as shown in the right bottom angle of the same picture.

2nd Step : Then I want to modify the first selection adding other elements to the same selection. I show this in the Step 2 picture.

                  So  this operations don't have any effects on the previous mask layer that remains unchanged, instead it should be updated automatically or with a confirmation.

                  To have a mask layer updated I have to create a completely new mask layer.

                   I think that this situation is not optimized to speed the work flow post production of the photos.

I hope to have clarified the problem.

Step 1.jpg

Step 2.jpg

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That's not how I understand masks to work
When you draw the initial marquee and make the mask, the mask layer is black apart from the marqueed area which is white, black conceals, white reveals

To extend an existing mask
<ctrl>click on the mask in the Layers panel
turn the mask visibility off
with the marquee tool set to Add, make further selections
Edit/Fill and choose white
turn the mask visibility on


Microsoft Windows 11 Home, Intel i7-1360P 2.20 GHz, 32 GB RAM, 1TB SSD, Intel Iris Xe
Affinity Photo - 24/05/20, Affinity Publisher - 06/12/20, KTM Superduke - 27/09/10

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Additionally since you can't see the image when you're directly editing a mask (e.g., Alt+click on the mask), it's very difficult to accurately modify a mask once created. Being able to make a mask translucent for editing (e.g., like the Quick Mask) would be a huge help.

And as long as we're asking / dreaming, how about a non-destructive Gradient Tool adjustment / live layer? There are many times I need to change a gradient after I've retouched other aspects of an image, but I have make a new one instead. However, that's off-topic to this thread...

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