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Math functions and parametric drawing

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What I'd love to see in Designer is more love for Math!


For starters, consider allowing Math functions inside numerical input fields that could benefit from it. For example, a function similar to this:


Width: [ 0.5 * sin(x) + 0.25pt ]


would make the line look like this:



A little icon could be added next to the input field:




that would bring up a dialog box where you could edit, load and save functions. Imagine all the possibilities!


Next, having something like Scriptographer in AD would be truly awesome and mean we can enjoy parametric drawing like this:



I know this is quite exotic request and would probably make more sense as a 3rd party plugin/extension. Nonetheless, I would like to know what you an others think. Thanks for listening! :)


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Oh, Andy, can't wait!!! :D

And I know your guys will do it properly.

It is great to know that it will happen eventually. And just to think that it will span over all the product line... oh, yeah!!!

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