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Preset for blend range curve

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I'm working with blend ranges for different types of adjustment and pixel layers a lot and often I have to dial in specific curves over and over again. It would be very helpful to have the ability to save a blend range curve, or even the entire blend range setting as a preset.

Thanks in advance!

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Never the less, we have some potential workarounds while waiting for this feature to come

  • create a group layer as helper, and apply the blend range there. You can save thousands group layers as presets (should include blend range - did not check)
  • Luminosity mask layers can be used as alternative (save as asset for reuse)
  • Even the channel mixer adjustment can be used as alternative in some cases. You can mix color channel into alpha channel. Save as preset.

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@Tom Wang - make a 1-step macro. With a layer (any layer, really) already selected start recording a macro. Open the Blend Ranges panel, dial in your desired curve, and close the panel. Stop recording the macro Save the macro to your Library, naming it as appropriate. You can now invoke that macro to assign that particular blend range curve to any selected layer.

You might also want to consider recording a macro that removes the curve (macro = open blend ranges, click the Revert button, close the panel). and save that alongside other blend range curve macros.

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Another suggestion here for implementation here is to add a preview colour. When adjusting the curve, the preview colour lets you see what areas are being affected, rather than guessing …..this preview colour could be turned on or off as well.


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