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Severe flickering with brush strokes Photo RC2

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Posted (edited)

This week I started using the Photo more and I noticed as I was using the Freestyler brushes that part of the stokes I lay down will disappear either slightly or completely. They will reappear again after a few seconds but it has this occasional glitchyness. During the 2.1 Beta/RC cycle I have mostly been using Designer using the built-in brushes. I started this document with Affinity Photo 2.0 or maybe even 1.x if I remember right and I don't remember it ever being a problem then.

This is happening on Mac OS 12.6.5. If it happens again I suppose I could record and upload a screen capture. I might test it on Mac OS 13 which I have installed on another computer if I get a chance.

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Forgot to mention OS I was on.
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Posted (edited)
14 hours ago, EmT said:

Hi @KipV

Is there a specific brush this occurs with or a set recipe to follow to replicate it? 

Yes, the third party brushes Freestyler and Letter +Grid Builder from Ian Bernard. I was using the two brushes one on top of the other so I don't know if it has anything to do with mixing those two together. Letter Builder is a brush that lets you add a basic outline to the letters you are drawing so it is far different from what you think of as a normal brush. The main brushes I use from Freestyler are 28 and 62.

I had the time to give this a test on a different Mac running the latest version of Ventura and didn't come across any problems so far. This is the kind of project I can put off doing so I can give it another try when you issue the next RC.

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Explained that I tested the same set up on different system software.
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