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How to cut parts of shares but not the whole thing. (With picture)

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Hi Nino,


and welcome here …  :)


Clip your rectangles to the circle by making each rectangle a child of the circle in the layers list, just like shown in this video:




Additional information on layer clipping can be found at Help > Affinity Designer Help > Layers > Layer Clipping.

Hope that helps …  :)



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Thanks for the fast reply. So it does work! Kind of.. I managed to remove everything that is outside of the circle. But, when I make the rectangle part of the circle, the outline of the circle is still there but the colour seems to go away making to apeare as if it's not there. I'll upload a photo of the circle!


Then, when I try to repeat that process with the OTHER rectangles (drag and drop so it becomes part of the circle) then the first one that I did and this new rectangle disappear.


When the disappear I still see the highlights but they seem to blend in with the same colour as the circle. I'll upload a photo! How do you make them stay the same colour?


Long story short, it seems to be working with the first rectangle but anything after that and things start to disappear. How do you make the circle not become transparent when i do this? I can successfully make the rectangle part of the circle now and the outside edge of the rectangle has been removed like i wanted, but these other weird things start happening. Mainly other objects going missing.


I also tried an alternative and merging all rectangles together so that I work with all of them at once instead of individually, and when I drag one rectangle later over the other, Again, they start disappearing. It's seems to happen often.



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