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  1. I changed some settings and now one of my fav features is gone not sure how to get back. Before, when I created a canvas size, all of my artwork and designs would disappear and crop up against the border walls of the canvas. Showing ONLY the canvas and the content inside.Making everything on the outside selectable but invisible. I like this because it keeps things clean. Now my designs pass through the border and just float there. Any help on getting old setting back? Heres a picture of what I DONT want.
  2. @dutchshader Thank you so much! It worked. I now tap on a object and its hi-lighted pink but the moment I click outside the object they fade away in a beautiful animation. It makes the screen so much cleaner and less hectic. Thank you once again!
  3. Hey there! There was one thing that I absolutely hated about the earlier versions that was seemed to have been fixed until it just came back today! I like having a clean screen and in the easier versions you use to have a pink line surrounding a object that marked it was selected in some way. When you have more than one object on the screen that pink outline soon became VERY annoying. Until something beautiful happened. One day I updated the Application, and a nice little change was made. When you select and object, the pink outline would appear and when you clicked outside of that object the very same pink line would smoothly fade away. I LOVED it. It let you know that the object was selected and the moment you were done with the object it would slowly fade away. But for some reason I opened up a new file to start a new project and even when I now open older projects, the old style is now back. An ugly pink line that appears around your object and DOES NOT go away. I really loved the new version. It kept the screen really clean. A nice fade away was a perfect choice. Now all i see is a map of ugly lines and the screen gets cluttered really fast. Any help?
  4. One day when i clicked on recents in Affinity D, there was like 8 of them, and ever since 1 weeks ago none show up. Even on new projects. Nothing shows up anymore. Its always empty! anyone know how to fix it?
  5. In the photo below i managed to create that bend using 2 circles and 2 rectangles. But is there any easier way to do this? As u can see i cant figure out how to get rid of that black shape in-between the two rectangles and below the half donut shape. I used a white rectangle to cover it. The Shape on the right is just there to show you guys what that curve is made up of. Is there any easier process of doing this? Maybe one that doesn't involved adding an additional unnecessary shape to cover up the unwanted part?
  6. Hhmmm still havnt found a straight forward way. I have both applications so thats not the problem! Thank you guys though!
  7. I know how to put an image within a shape or object but his im clueless on. How would you do this ?
  8. One that terraforms objects or adds/removes parts? In the Affinity Designer trailer i saw some strange polygonal distorting tool used on a photo of a girl who appeared to be dancing. Cant find that tool! something that could maybe give me this effect
  9. Im become somewhat good with shading but there are still a few more complex shapes that get me. 1. How would you create this shape (Picture Below) 2. How do you achieve the shaded/different colour look in the back of the ring shape. I was able to do it by creating a ton of layers by the shading never lined up perfectly. What is the easiest and best looking way to do it?
  10. Is there a way to do a frame by frame animation like in photoshop or AI with a time line/lap scale?
  11. Back before i downloaded Affinity and when i used Adobe Illustrator i often combined more than one shape to create other curves and shape that the curving tools couldn't do. Seeing the picture below, how would you remove the upper corners of the rectangle so that they would curve with the circle? What i am trying to do is remove the two corners and then move the donut upwards to create a bend and then eventually make the donut and the rectangles one shape so that it makes it look like a lower case "n" One picture is my current progress in Affinity and the other picture was what i need. The second picture was done in Adobe illustrator.
  12. Hmm I had that same problem until I fiddled around with the settings on my Mac. You can select what you want a specific application to do once it is opened. Such as, "open" or "new" and what not. I found these option under properties. If you have a Mac this would work, as for PC, not sure. When you say it wont close in dock do you mean there is a glowing white dot below the application or is Affinity just not going away? If the application was * manually * placed in the dock, it wont go away until you manually remove it. Once you manually remove it from the dock if shouldn't stay there once the application is closed again. There are some application that are not related to Affinity that once opened will also open affinity. Specific Formats that are compatible with Affinity.. On occasions photos or library may trigger Affinity to open as well. Even if the application is not open, because of these secondary compatible applications, Affinity still may be running without you knowing. To fully quit Affinity, generally I go to the Affinity name next to my apple logo in the top left corner and select "quit Affinity. If you have not already manually placed Affinity in your dock and if you see a little white glowing dot next to the application, then it hasn't been fully closed. Once the application has been removed from the dock it has been successfully closed. ( this is only if you don't normally have Affinity In your dock ) If you manually placed it there it will always appear to be there. You can select all these setting on and off under properties of the application. Sometimes if I have a document from Affinity on my dock, such as a saved document, it will automatically keep Affinity open. Any thing that has compatibility will keep it open and to fully close it I generally close all compatible application and then click "Quit Affinity".
  13. Let's say I had and image of a sports car and I wanted to get the outline on that sports car in the form of a shape. I know you can bend and warp the shapes but some of the more complex curvature and angles are slightly complicated. Im able to curve the shape but it's never how I want it.
  14. For example, if i was doing a ring around a planet like saturn, how would i make part of that ring go behind the planet, and the other part come in front to give it a realistic 3D effect.
  15. Rounding, concave, straight and cutout curves are listed in the top right tool bar after clicking the curve took but how do you do a "reverse" curve. For example, if i have a rectangle.. some edges i want to round and others i want to invert so that the edges of my rectangle are pointy and the "round" is going inward. kind of like a "C" shape. The best i cant describe it as is an invert rounded option. Thanks in advance!
  16. I figured it out! Seems to me that is was dragging the rectangles NEXT to the circle rather than UNDER the circle in the layers tab. I know im having a few problems! Thanks for your patience.
  17. Thanks for the fast reply. So it does work! Kind of.. I managed to remove everything that is outside of the circle. But, when I make the rectangle part of the circle, the outline of the circle is still there but the colour seems to go away making to apeare as if it's not there. I'll upload a photo of the circle! Then, when I try to repeat that process with the OTHER rectangles (drag and drop so it becomes part of the circle) then the first one that I did and this new rectangle disappear. When the disappear I still see the highlights but they seem to blend in with the same colour as the circle. I'll upload a photo! How do you make them stay the same colour? Long story short, it seems to be working with the first rectangle but anything after that and things start to disappear. How do you make the circle not become transparent when i do this? I can successfully make the rectangle part of the circle now and the outside edge of the rectangle has been removed like i wanted, but these other weird things start happening. Mainly other objects going missing. I also tried an alternative and merging all rectangles together so that I work with all of them at once instead of individually, and when I drag one rectangle later over the other, Again, they start disappearing. It's seems to happen often.
  18. With the picture I uploaded below... I was wondering how to remove the part of the rectangles OUTSIDE the circle on the left.. But at the same time keep the rectangle on the inside of the circle.
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