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Photo v. 2.0.3 crash a lot


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I have been editing a photo shoot, and found that Photo 2.0.3 crashes a lot. I happened when I applied frequency seperation filter, when moving layers, when changing a live filter, making a selection, etc. I never had that experience with the previous version (1.10). It is happenings too often to ignore and make the program difficult to trust.

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Photo v.2.0.3 on a Macbook Pro 2018, MacOS 12.3.1 (Moneterey).

I have noticed that it often happens when I handle layers. Dragging and dropping them.

I have 30 Gb space left on the main disk, but only 16Mb ram (so probably they are maxed out, during processing).

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  • Staff

Hi @Hannibal,

Thanks for your report and our sincerest apologies for the delayed response here. We are exceptionally busy following the release of V2 and we thank you for your continued patience and understanding here.

I'm unable to replicate this behaviour here currently, can you please confirm for me - does this happen with a specific file, or file format? Or does these crashes appear seemingly randomly?

Can you please navigate to Affinity Photo 2 > Preferences > Performance and provide a screenshot of your settings here for me?

Many thanks in advance!

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Hi Dan,

Now i can apologies for not answering. :)

I experienced it as late as yesterday during editing. It is when I move a layer or a selection of layers and hesitate/hoover over another layer. Then it crashes. It might be when my memory is challenged. When I have edited for a longer time (several images), then I loose memory. If I'm not aware of it and restart Affinity Photo to reset the memory, then I some times end up with a hanging system simply because of missing memory (HD space). It might be a combination of these conditions.

I just tried to replicate the error by opening a lot of big APh files. The lack of memory ended in a crash. Moving around with layers when the system has plenty of memory resulted in no crash (quick test). So it might be connected to memory issues???

I have approx. 40 Gb free HD when I start editing in Affinity Photo. I have added a screenshot of my system also.

Hope this enlighten it and lead you to replicating the issue.

BR Thomas Hannibal

Screenshot 2023-02-01 at 21.47.54.png

Screenshot 2023-02-01 at 21.54.44.png

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  • Staff

No problem at all, many thanks for the further information and screenshots provided!

I'd like to try changing the following settings, to see if this reduces the crashing behaviour.

Under Preferences > Performance, please untick Hardware Acceleration, then change the Display to OpenGL.

Restart the app as prompted and then try loading/editing your documents once again - does this help stop this crashing occur please? :) 

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