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1st of all, amazing build of the 2.0 version!

Love the addition of data merge. As well as the other aspects in the Suite 😃

I have however 1 question/request for the Software suite (all 3 of them).

The ability to change the UI when working on Windows.

As I work mostly remote on my Surface Pro. I find it many times handy working with the pen. However the UI on Windows is build on mouse and Keyboard work.


Is it possible to add an addition to the UI, where you have the ability to change the UI based on mouse/keyboard work or Tablet/Pen work/view. (As UI the Ipad has probably an amazing UI/UX experience, this could be something as base)

This by example with a click on an icon in the Toolbar or in view.


By not having loads of money for an Ipad, it sure would be amazing to have this added in a future update. 🙂

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I agree! I recently bought a Surface Pro, and since I also have a Windows desktop, I decided against an iPad after much deliberation. Unfortunately.... I was able to try out the iPad version at a friend's house and was totally blown away. I started illustrating and my workflow was at least twice as fast. I could use the UI naturally and everything was where my haptic memory expected it to be.

I would like to know if this can be implemented for non-Apple devices? I was actually wondering why this is not included in v2 (no offense ❤️). Is there something that makes this impossible? 

I think there is a large creative community that works with Windows... we have suffered for far too long - please, please, please give us an update!

I really hope to get an answer here as this will affect my future buying behavior. Do I really need to buy an iPad now 🥲 ? 

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In Affinity support on Surface pro, I miss the icons: undo and redo and the trash icon and rotating the canvas with a gesture. Working on the tablet itself with a pen and without a keyboard is very tedious. Although the drawing itself is quite smooth, to undo or redo the operation you have to click on the Edit menu and then click on undo. Or if I want to remove a node with a pen, how do I do it? only by invoking the on-screen keyboard and clicking the DELETE button. With more serious work on the Surface Pro, the service becomes very cumbersome.

So my suggestions: Add the ability to add undo, redo, trash, print, import, export icons to the top toolbar and add two-finger double-tap support on the screen to undo operations - just like on the iPad.

I bought Surface Pro 8 specifically to support Affinity, but working on it to support Affinity programs is very tedious with just the pen and actually without any gestures. How much do you have to pay to add these options to the Affinity package?

Serif give me the price - I'll pay what it takes - I need it for my professional work, not to play on the tablet.

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I'm surprised the Windows store app versions of the software isn't already like the iPad pro version? I bought direct from Affinity so I assumed mine was a desktop layout only for that reason, but perhaps the Windows store version is exactly the same. Good idea though, and would be useful for me too as a fellow Surface Pro user! 

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4 hours ago, Claudio60 said:

Take a look at Tabletpro, it could be a solution

I looked into it few months ago, while it looks nice, it costs additional $26. I don't want to pay extra for these options nor to have additional software. Hence I really hoped tablet mode comes in V2, even if it's paid addon of ~10€.

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I would like to bring this up again. Double tap to Undo and/or Icons for Undo/Redo and Delete in the toolbar would really help and would be appropriate for a pen and touch device like a Surface. At the moment a keyboard is still needed when using Affinity on a Surface. That's counterproductive for a mobile device.

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