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Margin issue with Booklet printing

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I am working with an Affinity Publisher document with page size A5 and use the Booklet printing mode to print the document on A4 paper. For printing I use a Canon PRO-1000 printer with its XPS driver.

The problem I have is that the top and bottom margins turn out wrong. In the spread settings I have 10mm margins all around, however, in the print, the top margin comes out at 7mm and the bottom margin at 13mm. When I compensate that by changing the top margin to 13mm and the bottom margin to 7mm the prints turn out centered.

While that works, I'd still be interested to understand where that shift comes from - does anyone have any ideas? 😀

This is how my spread setup looks like, already with the compensation values:



Any advice is highly appreciated!

Regards, Robert

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1 hour ago, Callum said:

If possible could you provide a copy of the document in question so I can look into this further with you?

Hi Callum,

Yes, of course, thanks for your willingness to help!

Attached the file. The content is private, but I replaced text and pictures with dummies. It is the document in its original configuration with 10mm margins all-around.

Maybe also relevant, here are my print settings:



Regards, Robert

Geburtsanzeige Test.afpub

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I don't know if this matters but... You have Margins of 5 mm all around for the Master A spread and that is applied to the pages, and then there are 10 mm margins for the Actual pages.

Mac Pro (Late 2013) Mac OS 11.7.3 
Affinity Designer 2.0.4 | Affinity Photo 2.0.4 | Affinity Publisher 2.0.4 | Beta versions as they appear.

I have never mastered color management, period, so I cannot help with that.

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12 hours ago, Old Bruce said:

I don't know if this matters but... You have Margins of 5 mm all around for the Master A spread and that is applied to the pages, and then there are 10 mm margins for the Actual pages.

Thanks, but changing that does not seem to make a difference. Also the layout shown in Publisher looks fine, so I think the margins of the master spread do not have any impact.

One thing I found in the meantime is that it must be related to the printer. If I print it on my laser printer, the margins are fine, but on the Canon PRO-1000 they are not. On the PRO-1000 the issue is the same regardless of paper type and also occurs on both the top feed and the manual feed. So I don't think it is a physical feeding issue but more something on the software side, between Publisher and the printer driver.

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I'm having the same problem, although it affects the left and right margins (due to the paper orientation). This is a greeting card project, printed in landscape orientation and then folded in half. The margins are shifted to the left by a very noticeable 1/8" of an inch (see attached images). This occurs on both my Canon i9900 and my Brother HLDC laser, but not if I print to a PDF file first. This seems to me to be a rather glaring bug in the software, which should certainly work with both of these printers by this point.

Note that the last "page," which was the first edge to print (on the reverse side of what I'm showing), originally had much smaller margins. However, I tried correcting that, then set up a master page with .5" margins and applied it to all pages. I'm still getting the same result.


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