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[Publisher] Picture frames loose frame transformations after re-applying master to a page

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Hello there,

I noticed a bug in Affinity Publisher, when you create a picture frame in the Master, apply a vertical flip, say to turn an image upside down, it works properly the first time you use it. However if you later re-apply the Master and choose "migrate", the image will no longer flipped even though in the Master page, the frame is still flipped. This is also the case when you scale and move an image in you spread and re-apply the Master. Your scaling and position are lost. Very annoying.

Best regards,


 Publisher 1.10.5 MacOS

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How did you rotate the picture? Did you rotate the master page frame while editing the master layer detached? If so, re-applying the master has to unrotate the frame, that's the whole point of applying a master.

If on the other hand you rotated the contents of a master page picture frame, re-applying the master will not un-rotate the contents. You can rotate the contents of a picture frame by mousing over the picture frame and then dragging on the rotate icon. I tested this out and couldn't find any issues with it when re-applying the master.


Affinity Publisher/Designer/Photo 2 for macOS Ventura 13.2, MacBook Pro 14" (M1 Pro)

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Hi @DrM0lek,

I've not been able to replicate this on my Publisher document after vertically flipping the master page picture frame, I applied my master to a new spread with 'Migrate' set and the image within the frame remains vertically flipped in line with my master page.

If you're not editing by detaching your master page as Mike mentioned, could you provide us with a sample file and a screen recording demonstrating this issue?

Many thanks 🙂

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Hi @MikeTO,

On my master page, I have picture frames that are facing each other: one is standard, the other one is flipped. I apply this Master to a page and drag the same picture in both frames: the first remains untouched and the second is flipped. Then I choose "Apply Master" and all the sudden the initially flipped picture returns unflipped.

So to answer your question: it is the picture frame on the Master that is flipped. Not the image.

If I understand properly your comments this means the "flip" operation is reapplied to the image each time the master is reapplied: 

1) apply: image is flipped

2) apply: flipped image is flipped -> no longer flipped

3) apply: image is flipped again -> flipped and so on

If this is the expected behaviour from Publisher, this is very disturbing. However I doubt it is the case. By the way, if the image in frame on the page (not the master) was resized before, reapplying the Maser will reset the resizing as well.




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Thanks, your steps are clear to me now and I've duplicated the problem.

@NathanCAs DrM0lek described, if you put a picture frame on a master and flip it, then re-apply the master to a page already based on it, the contents of the frames will be flipped within the frame a second time. It may look like it's being unflipped but it's actually being flipped twice. You can tell this by rotating the master frame 90 degrees instead of flipping it. Place a photo in the frame and then re-apply the master. Now it will be rotated 180 degrees. Apply the master again and it will be rotated 270 degrees. If you replace the picture with the same photo it will revert to the original 90 degrees.

The problem happens with Flip H/V, Rotate, and Shear.

Affinity Publisher/Designer/Photo 2 for macOS Ventura 13.2, MacBook Pro 14" (M1 Pro)

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Yes and in addition, any scaling or panning (or other) you apply to an image that was put in a Picture Frame, the changes are lost. So to me 2 issues:

  1. the transformation that is applied to a picture from a Master, should always use the original values of the images and not re-apply the transformation to an already transformed image
  2. the "re-apply" Master should take into account the changes that were made to the picture on the page using the master. If you spend a lot of time adjusting your images, you will loose everything after a "re-application" of a Master to a spread of pages...
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