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  1. I would like to revive an older topic that is still painfull...
  2. Please, please do something. At least allow an alphabetical ordering
  3. +1 for me too. Absolutely essential feature as well a large text flow and text blocks in masters.
  4. Hi all, I was really thrilled when Publisher came out since I use with great joy the other products from Affinity. I was looking for a replacement of Pages to give me more advanced control over the publishing, but I don't create leaflets or magazines. I need to publish documents with text that spans over several dozens of pages. I also wanted to create several master pages and select among them which should be used and therefore expected that it would be possible to create text placeholders on the Masters where you could define the flows. Unfortunately this seems not possible with Publisher 1.7.128, since it is not possible to create those text block placeholders... or am I missing something here? I fear I have to stick to Pages and probably I won't buy Publisher since I could almost do everything I need in Designer... @Affinity, please add support for long text books and text blocks placeholders in Masters. Shift-click on a text field is not a viable option... (see https://medium.com/@postenterprise/affinity-publisher-beta-hands-on-review-4f5f05c96c02)
  5. Hi there, I am missing a function during the export where I would like to be able to export several versions of a slice layer. I want ,for example, to hide/show some items for a layer slice and and have other slices from the same layer but with other hidden/shown sub-layers. It is already possible to hide some sub-layers today when you create a layer slice, but you cannot create other slices for this same layer. Would be very handy when exporting an image with several variations. For example, I am creating a splash screen (upper left) that will also be used in the "about" dialog (left bottom). The only difference is that there is progress bar. So during the export I would like to create two slices from the same upper left image: one including the progress and the other having it hidden. Could be very easily done by using two slice definitions from the same layer where one would just have the progress bar layer hidden and the other one not. I could so work on a single image instead of having to use 2 images that I need to maintain/edit...
  6. Thank you reglico Nice trick! I never would have thought to use "group" for a single object to apply a Fx on each group. Good to know.
  7. Forget about my request. I found the "Create Compound" in the Layer menu. I just was confused because this option is not available in the popup menu of the Layers palette when you select several layers. Maybe something to add there, no? Cheers, DrM0lek
  8. Hello guys, I was wondering if it is possible to do non desctructive boolean operation and yes it is possible. My only regret is that is very hidden. Wouldn't it be possible to create a "compound" group directly in the "Layers"? Say you select several shapes and you have the option to create compound group with a default boolean operation which you can change for every object afterwards? Other thing, it is really hidden that you have to alt-click a boolean operation to make it non desctructive. Would it be possible at least to add something in the tooltip and even better indicate on the boolean operation there is more that one op? You could fore example popup a menu if you click and hold on the boolean operation. Cheers, DrM0lek
  9. Hello guys, I was playing around with the FX effects which are great. However I was wondering if you still plan Multiple Effects/Fills/Strokes per shape? In the past I was using SketchApp, which introduced the possibility to apply add basic effects to your shapes/group of shapes (as shown in the attached images). I found this very powerful, because you could easily combine basic effects into advanced effects, and honestly your imagination was the only limit. In Affinity Designer, the effects are OK, but you could push it a bit further if you let the user compose its own FX combinations. For example, I wouldn't need a bewel FX if I can combine two inner shadows effects, no? Cheers, DrM0lek
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