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Internal Conversion of Units is odd or just too accurate / results in wrong Export Sizes

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Hey, just found some annoying things within the Serif Affinity Suit, regardless if Publisher, Designer or Photo. - Valid for the versions 1.10.5.x on windows 10. 

Whats the case?
I wanted to create a document in publisher with the dimensions 63x88mm (300dpi). The export as PDF (High Quality) standard setting showed up in slighty different dimensions, 63,1x88,1mm. Searching for hidden bleed or wrong pixel layers, nothing to be found. 

Curious, I used some online converter and set up a new document, this time in the pixel dimension of 744x1039 (300dpi). This exported just fine as 63x88mm pdf!

Investigation / Recreation:

  • Set up a new doc in milimeter  63x88 (300dpi) without bleed
  • change the the doc-settings to pixel
  • see the dimensions as of 744,1x1039,4
  • Export as PDF (High Quality) results in 63,1x88,1mm


  • Set up a new doc in pixel 744x1039 (300dpi) without bleed
  • change the the doc-settings to milimeter
  • see the dimensions as of 63x88mm
  • Export as PDF (High Quality) results in 63,0x88,0mm

So, while this isn't particularly technically wrong, further this might not be a bug, but it is annoying af.

When setting slices of different ArtBords (pixel-alignment deactivated) in the Export Persona of Affinty Designer, the slices often vary in size, since a slice cannot? have decimal digits. e.g. my 1080p sample docs often have the size of 1081x1921.


I guess, the internal calculation and rounding is either too accurate or just odd and off. :/

pixel to mm.png

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Also experienced this when exporting images (PNG/JPG).

The export window shows the exact size (for example 2475 x 3150 pixels including bleed), but when you export it, the final size is 1 pixel higher (2476 x 3151 pixel). 

I worked around that by making the bleed 1 pixel smaller. The export window then shows 2474 x 3149 pixel, but exports the needed size of 2475 x 3150. Very annoying, but still usable.

It seems, this happens only with higher resolutions, smaller picture exports (like 50 x 70 mm /  600 x 825 pixel) do not have the problem. Maybe a rounding error in the export window on higher numbers?

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I'd like to know if there's any ETA for a fix on this issue.  Attempting to export an A5 doc to PDF and it results in over sizing, which prevents me from being able to print it (due to the paper source not matching the PDF page size by .1mm).  Extremely frustrating experience for something I was expecting to work after recently purchasing Affinity Publisher.

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