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ZOTERO & MENDELEY PLUGINS - please add the much needed research tools to ease citation based work as in microsoft word

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I've shifted from microsoft word to affinity publisher because of its extensive graphics abilities and text editing features. However, features like book document (like in adobe indesign) and citation plugins like ZOTERO & MENDELEY are not supported here,as such adding citations to the text-work becomes a pain here in Publisher.  

Also , indesign supports great facility for scripts(plugins) for easing various tasks, so if that can be added to Publisher ,would have a great edge over other competitors like Microsoft word and Indesign.


Bottomline: Affinity Publisher is on the way to become the world's best publishing software but a few weakness like mentioned above needs to be integrated to rival its opponents...

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In response to the comments above, not just ZOTERO & MENDELEY citation. Endnote is one of the best academic referencing tools on the market. So, in addition provide support for endnote. It is for the same reason, I cannot leave MS Word and Indesign. Affinity forum does not support footnotes, multiple indices and and a plugins for references.

If Affinity, I would these platforms in a shot

Best Regards


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I guess that the most reasonable way to implement this, without having to develop a plugin for each of the reference managers, would be to just develop a bibtex parser for Publisher. Bibtex as a format has a long history and is well-defined. Zotero and other's already have the facility to export a library (automatically) to bibtex (.bib). I could help with that. However, I don't know in what kind of language affinity plugins can be written or if there is even a public API you could talk to.

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