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  1. oooh ohh ohh! while experimenting on some settings I deleted the inner bleed. So it works and as you said, it does some crazy magic! THANKS!
  2. hmm... if I do so, I see no crop between two (now divided) pages. The crop marks are just at the end of the graphic (between the former dual page).
  3. oh, but how can I control what part of graphic is in the inner bleed (between two pages)?
  4. it's difficult to explain. So I mean the bleed of the document, because that bleed will be cut by the printing company. The bleed areas on the double paged document are without the bleed in the middle. The inner bleed is just the left bleed. I can not see any inner bleed in the double paged document.
  5. But as I understand, it will just export page by page, but it does NOT add extra margin in the middle and fills it with a part of the graphic.
  6. Hey, I try to make a pdf for a printing company and I must deliver one page design (page by page). The document I have is designed in double page design. I have graphics within, which go over two pages in the middle. What is the best method to deliver "page by page PDF" using this double page design, BUT with the crop margin in the middle? The problem is, if I just export page by page, I will not get the margin in the middle (between the double page). But without that margin, the graphics will not go completely to the middle. Just as on the outer borders, if I don't add extra margin there and fill it with the graphic itself, the graphic will not go till the very end of the page. I hope it's clear what I mean Best regards affi
  7. Hey! If I want to make more than one endnote page, what should I select by positioning of the endnotes? By the first endnote page I selected "shared document frame". Now I want the next endnotes appear in other endnote page. If I choose "separate frame" and move the endnote page then to the place I want it to be. The next endnote appears again at the end of the text frame in a new endnote page. So how can I change the shared document frame for other endnotes? Thanks! Affi
  8. Hey! can I move the endnote page, which was created at the end of the whole document to the end of the chapter? Can I get some problems with endnotes then, or can I just drag and drop this page wherever I want to? #edit: as it seems, it makes no problems. Just moved the endnotes page and made a new endnote. It appears on the same (moved) page as others. Thanks! Affi
  9. for all the footnotes, I did not think about it. Good idea! I also found the compression. Thanks!
  10. I had "separate frame" all the time and it worked that way (32 endnotes). The endnotes were added to the page I moved from the end of the document to the end of the chapter. Now if I want to add the 33th endnote with "separate frame" it will be added in a new page after the page with the 33th endnote. If I choose "shared document frame", the endnote will be added at the end of the document with the number 1. I don't know, what for should I make a screenshot of that.
  11. but it worked a while. It just now ignores the page with 32 endnotes and makes new page. Puh...
  12. thanks, but I've already tried every possibility of this setting. If I check the shared doc frame publisher makes a new page at the end of the document. It seems that publisher just forgot the page I already have for the endnotes. Is it maybe because I moved the first made page on another place in the document?
  13. aaaah! So I have the possibility to do that just at the end with ALL the text. Wonderful! Thanks!
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