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Crash on open File

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Yes but it will still crash. This app looks like it's still in Beta.. I've had 2 crashes yesterday for no reason, doing random things, and 1 crash just now for opening a file, then opened up OK. Oh, and plenty crashes when I close the app, randomly. I love Designer, but this is just fkn impossible. I always have to save, every 2 minutes, because I'm afraid it will crash. Ridiculous!!! It's been crashing ever since last year, and devs have done nothing. Was ROCK SOLID until then.

MBP 16"

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Nope. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my  machine, as ONLY Designer and Publisher are crashing, constantlyyyyy.  PS, that I always blamed for crashing, is solid AF on Mac. Capture One, Illustrator  and Premiere Pro the same, all solid.

I just had another crash now. Nothing was opened, app was minimized. The issue is well known, even on Windows, i have posted enough crash threads with reports, and all got ignored. Other people posted that they also experience crashes, but no mods or devs.

Don't know about older macs with dated OSs, but MBP 16" with latest OS is constantly crashing.

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I really understand your frustration.
But there are so many things running on our machines that it can be an obscure setup that lead to this behaviour. A broken font,... it could be anything.

I run it on two machines: A MacBook Pro 2018 Intel ever since Catalina (maybe even before, I don't remember) to Big Sur and on MacBook 2020 M1 with Big Sur. Absolutely no probs with crashing (except for that file mentioned above, but there must be something with that file for I have literally tons of files I deal with w/o crashing probs at all).

Since updating to the newest Photoshop my Magic wand tool is dead slow. From click to a simple selection it lasts 3-4 seconds every single time - that drives me nuts, but it is only on my new M1 - the old Intel does not face that prob. There are always these individual quirks we have to live by (and report them ;-)).

Only the fact that Serif isn't answering you personally does not mean that they are not aware or trying to fix it asap. Though I wished sometimes, too, to get a feedback such as: "We have it on the radar, thanks". ;-)

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Thanks for the document @abra100pro I haven't been able to reproduce the crash on my iMac on macOS 11.4 using Designer 1.10.1. I did notice that I had missing fonts and I'm wondering if that could be why it didn't happen.

The warning notifications says:

Document Contains Missing Fonts
Open Sans
Open Sans

Might be worth uninstalling the font / fonts to see if this helps. You can always install again if there is no change.

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Im not sure what im supposed to do but every time I go to get started on a design starting with just a name and a font search on my drop down window I can't even get 30 seconds in and my app keeps shutting down....it has happened at least five times this morning

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