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Image changes/flickers under the cursor (see video)


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I'm running Affinity Photo 1.10.1 on Windows 10 x64, with 64GB RAM and nVidia GTX 1080 video card (with the latest nVidia Studio drivers) on a 4K monitor. And I've noticed recently an odd problem that occurs only in specific images with repeating patterns in them.

When hovering (just hovering, not clicking or doing anything) with the Brush tool (although this may occur with other tools too, but I didn't tests these) causes the image underneath to change momentarily, then revert back. This happens with every movement of the mouse over these regions of the image.

See attached video for an example. I have also attached the image I used in the video.

These artifacts are distracting & annoying - and don't occur on "natural" images, only such that exhibit some repeating patterns. I'd really appreciate it if this can be fixed in a future release.


-- TR


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Hi Chris,

Thank you for your suggestion. It indeed solved the issue!

This was previously set to "Auto" - wouldn't it make sense for "Auto" to select the higher quality if the host machine is powerful enough? (btw, I'm running on an 8 core AMD Ryzen 7 at 4Ghz)



  -- TR

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  • Staff

As I understand it, Automatic doesn't mean it detects if it needs to do one or the other - it just means it does both renders regardless of capability. The app can detect the hardware you are using but it doesn't know how capable it is.

  • Automatic (Best)—renders as non-retina followed by retina for balanced performance and quality.
  • Low quality (Fastest)—renders as non-retina only for highest performance level but compromises on quality.
  • High quality (Slowest)—renders as retina only for high quality but may compromise performance.

Even the most capable machine may struggle under certain loads at times—especially if you have a plethora of live adjustments and filters so Automatic is there to work around times it may need to do both passes to prevent tiles or other rendering artifacts. 

However I think for the most part you will be fine leaving it on High with your spec.


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