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Baseline shift buggy

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I fear the baseline shift in the character panel is somewhat buggy.

Clicking the up-arrow gives values 1 - 11 - 111 - 1111 etc.

Clicking the down-arrow also gives remarkable results.

Having checked the retail version and both versions of Publisher, I see the same behaviour there.


Macbook Pro mid 2015, 16 GB, double barrel: MacOS Mojave + Affinity 1 / MacOS Monterey + Affinity 2

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Hi RM f/g

Interestingly I can't reproduce the behaviour you're seeing despite setting my locale to Netherlands with comma decimal indicator. However I do get similar behaviour using a comma decimal indicator, Text as points disabled and document units as inches (or other physical units except mm).

With this my baseline goes from 1, 101, 10101 so it definitely looks to be the same issue - just exhibiting it in a slightly different way. Changing the document units to pixels, points or picas doesn't exhibit this!

I will get it passed on to development showing both the behaviour I'm getting and also the behaviour you're getting!

EDIT: Just to add I now get the behaviour you're seeing using points but I have to hold down Alt!

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