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Status: Beta

Purpose: Fixes

Requirements: Purchased Affinity Photo

App Store: Not submitted

Download link: Download



We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the first build of Affinity Photo 1.9.2 for iOS.

If this is your first time using a customer beta of an Affinity app, it’s worth noting that the beta will install as a separate app - alongside your store version. They will not interfere with each other at all and you can continue to use the store version for critical work without worry.

This beta is an incremental update to the 1.9.1 version recently released to all customers (although it still installs parallel to the released version, as described above). We recommend that you use this beta in preference to the store version if you are affected by any of the issues listed below.

Affinity Photo Team  :ph34r:


Changes Since 1.9.1


- Added ability to organise LUT adjustment presets, including support for multiple categories and import / export as “.afluts” files.
- Significant performance improvements for assets (import, export, organisation, etc.).
- Hardware acceleration has been improved to better make use of Metal (specifically to batch commands together into chunks, which gives the driver a better chance to optimise commands and provides a higher degree of abortability). The benchmark has also been tweaked to use multiple command queues for the Single GPU test, which makes it more representative of “real world” use.
- Added support for OpenType reverse chaining contextual single substitutions.
- Added ability to optionally sort brush categories by name or date added.
- Improved the appearance of the UI when adding a pattern layer.
- Improved performance of export and merge visible, especially in documents with Live Filters.
- Assorted content download improvements and fixes.
- Restored ability to access the long press menu in the hand tool.
- Minor improvements to Gaussian Blur performance when GPU is enabled.

- Fixed stacking / merging issue when performing subsequent merges / stacks using different files with the same name.
- Fixed crashes when previewing the export of extremely large bitmap files.
- Fixed crashes when manually entering a radius in the lens blur tool.
- Fixed issue whereby width and height fields were not available when performing an unconstrained crop.
- Fixed crashes when attempting to create greyscale layers from a spare channel whilst editing it.
- Fixed potential deadlock issue when loading large files.
- Fixed assorted small registration page issues.
- Fixed a bug where some Live Filters would appear to move after save / load.

- Assorted other small fixes.
- Help improvements,
- Localisation improvements.

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Added ability to organise LUT adjustment presets, including support for multiple categories and import / export as “.afluts” files.


This is fantastic!  I have several that I use and being able to organize them will be a huge help!  I am assuming that the ability to create .afluts is something we can do on the desktop and then transfer to an iPad?  I am not on the beta for the Mac desktop version and don't see any way to export categories of LUT's where I might be able to do this.


Thank you as always!





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