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A few days ago I posted my initial query and did it wrong and the title came out as "PLP" so I haven't had any responses. 

I have used an old version of InDesign for 12 years or more from CS3, and I am retired and do a monthly publication for an HOA.  I never thought to look at the size of the pdf before submitting to the publisher.  In January I started using Affinity.  Before Covid I was doing 16 pages with 20 or more color photos.  Now I'm doing 8-12.  Had a problem with the 2nd issue going over 20 MBs!  Would barely go out on email to be proofed and published wouldn't accept it.  I had 3 HDR photos in it so thought that was the problem. No. 

I'm working on this new edition last week, 12 pages, only 4 photos, Easter graphics, and nearing the end it was 23MBs!  I created a new document and brought over one page at a time; saved it and exported it to see the total MBs.  It was going fine; just a little over or under 1 MB per page.  And then I got to one that was nearly 6MBs.  I took out the graphics and 1 photo; still 5+.  I thought "it couldn't be the text" but I brought that over alone and yes, it was the text.  Why?????? Only maybe a half page. 

Deadline was approaching, tearing my hair out, I sat down at the computer and opened my email and what was staring at me was "Try InDesign for one week free".  So I did that, redid the whole publication again, put the photos and graphics back in.  And InDesign's pdf was 5.1MB.  I looked back at an issue a year ago before Covid, which was 16 pages and probably 20 photos, all color, and the pdf was 14.7MBs.  

A friend read where Affinity 'bloats' the photos somehow, or a word to that effect, but in this case it wasn't the photos.  Soon we'll be out of Covid and back to 16 pags with photos of the activities and I need the finished document to be under 20MBs like InDesign.  Is there something simple I need to click or check or something?  I paid UDEMY for instructions, and I've just gotten accustomed to it and I'd hate to have to find a new program....or pay $20.99 a month for InDesign when I'm not being paid for my work. Thanks. 

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Which pdf export settings did you choose?

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I was using (for print) and then I tried (press ready) but they were the  same at 20MB stripped of photos and some graphics. When you mentioned that I went to see the other options and (for export) brought it down to 11.59MBs.  So that's what I should use?  It's still twice as much as InDesign....and IND has all the photos (4) and graphics back in it.  That would help, but when I get back to 16 pages and tons of photos it'll probably be tight.  thanks.  That helps a lot. 

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You can adjust the image compression for smaller file sizes.

In the export settings (for example press ready), click on "More" at the bottom. There is an option to adjust the "JPEG compression". Reduce the "Quality" until you get the file size you need. Rule of thumb it shouldn't go below 70 because the image quality could degrade visibly.

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Ok, but I was always told photos had to be at 300 dpi.  I note when getting to the Export page it says that the whole document is set for 300DPI.  Does that have to be? It would seem InDesign has a certain level for the basic publication and then  the photos are set at 300dpi.  Also, when I got to "More" I couldn't get out of it; it wouldn't go away. I have a 21" IMac and I couldn't shrink it to get rid of the "More' options.  I finally hit escape to have it go away.  Thanks for the input.....I am learning there is so much more! 

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54 minutes ago, user_0815 said:

adjust the "JPEG compression". Reduce the "Quality"


41 minutes ago, PLPowers said:

Ok, but I was always told photos had to be at 300 dpi

JPEG compression and DPI are two completely different things. You can keep high dpi, but increase the compression to reduce the quality of the output and thus the resulting file size.

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ok, thank you I shall try that, but it doesn't seem worth it if InDesign saved the pdf at 5.1 MBs, and even at Export it only reduces the 20+ MBs to 11.5.  

At some point the pandemic is going to be over and we'll go back to 16 pages and want to do 20+ photos.....InDesign saved the pdf at 14.7MBs. Affinity should fix it to however InDesign does it.  I purchased IStudio Publisher to see if it does any better.  Particularly after I saw that Affinity Publisher is now $24.99 on Apple store, half of what I paid for it. 

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