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Updating SVG changes scaling

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I have the same problem when using linked SVG in picture frames using 1.9.1

  1. I add a picture frame
  2. add a linked SVG to the picture frame and set the scaling to 360DPI
  3. resize the picture frame
  4. update the SVG (I changed the title in the file)
    1. Expected: the SVG scaling remains the same
    2. Actual: the SVG scaling changes

I attached screenshots of the frame and the svg before and after clicking "Update" in the Resource manager. I did nothing else, and only the SVG "title" tag was changed!






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Attached minimal example
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45 minutes ago, Bert_auurk said:

I have the same issue with PDF's

Yes, me too. It seems you have to resize the picture frame in a certain way to reproduce. I created a screencast to show this. (In the screencast the Resource manager is not visible: I change the PDF's date, then update with the Resource manager. However, the resizing is quite visible.) I also attached the PDF.

The screencast is here: 



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On 2/26/2021 at 11:11 PM, sandr said:

I downloaded the beta, still pdf files are scaled incorrectly when placed in a pictureframe and updated, very frustrating!


On 3/3/2021 at 5:12 AM, CoreyHickson said:

I'm seeing this, too, with PNG files. I recently moved to a new hard drive, so all my files had to be relinked. However, upon Updating them, they are all resizing to their original size, and not the transformed size, making my document effectively unusable.

@Affinity crew: will this issue be addressed in an update in the near future. We're working on a book that contains hundreds of imported pdf's. There's a lot of updating going on in the process of this project. Moving files to another HD resulting in all sizing being messed up would be a nightmare.

This is the first 'big' project we're running in Affinity instead of Indesign. We really want to give this a chance, but issues like this make it a scary experience...

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Today was my first time using Linked PNG images. Upon updating the linked PNGs (about 200 of them),  every single one has an incorrection insertion point (beyond the limits of the frame, no less; which requires additional steps of Layer navigating and panning away from the frame... every. single. time.).

For years, I have been very happy with Affinity products, but didn't have an opportunity to use external resources until now. I'm very disappointed. This feature should not have been released until it was rock-solid. It's the kind of bug that burns you only after you've already invested a huge amount of time on the assumption that it works.

I will be abandoning Publisher until this is resolved to my satisfaction, and recommending the same for all my clients. It appears to have been an issue in various forms for almost a year, now, which is unacceptable. 


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