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  1. I can't check it now, but I thinks all files are linked, no? Do you think you could figure out which pdf causes the crashing?
  2. Thanks! I suppose this means there is little I can do for the moment. Thanks for keeping me updated if you have more info!
  3. When opening the project on another computer (after removing the folder with linked files) I check the resource manager. The path to the missing files seems to be the absolute path of the computer I created the project on. But of course, on another computer, that file structure is different...
  4. One more updated: I just copied the file and folder with linked files from the computer where I created the publisher project (and still am able to work on it without any problems) to a usb stick and tried to open the project from that stick on another mac. Also crashes.
  5. Could it be an option that I share the file and folder with linked files with you?
  6. Just did another test: - opening the publisher file on another computer than the one I created the file on: crashes - moving the file with all the files (pdf's, jpg's, ...) that are included in the file: publisher opens and mentions missing links resource files - I try to relocate to one of the files (on the new location) --> publisher crashes
  7. When searching on 'affinity' in the console app, the only thing I find is the lines attached
  8. Where does affinity saves crash reports? The NAS is a Synology DS418. All the included files are on the HD of every individual computer (using the NAS' cloud station). Just checked it on 3th computer (Mac pro) and it also crashes at opening the file. Is the filepath Publisher uses an absolute filepath?
  9. I have a publisher project with a lot of linked (pdf) files. Works perfectly on the computer (iMac) on which I made the project. The project is saved in a folder that is synced with our NAS (Synology). When I try to open the file on another computer, publisher crashes immediately. I tried on 2 different laptops (MacBook Air and MacBook Pro). When I remove the folder with all the linked files to another location, publisher opens and resource manager mentions files not found.
  10. What is the best practice to replace a pdf in Publisher: 1) Selecting the picture frame that contains the pdf and choosing 'replace image'? 2) Selecting the pdf inside the picture frame and choosing 'replace document'? What's the main difference? Thanks!
  11. I still encounter the same scaling issues with pdf's. I tried: 1) - placing and scaling a pdf - Selecting the picture frame that contains the pdf and choosing 'replace image'. Original scaling is not respected 2) - placing and scaling a pdf - Selecting the pdf inside the picture frame and choosing 'replace document'. Original scaling is not respected Extra question: Which of the above is the good practice?
  12. When updating a linked pdf (same file name) the original scaling and placing is not kept. Is there a way to force publisher to keep the scaling and placing in the picture frame? Or is this a bug?
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