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Affinity Photo Customer Beta ( - GM Seed)

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Status: GM Seed

Purpose: Fixes

Requirements: Purchased Affinity Photo

Mac App Store: Submitted

Download ZIP: Download

Auto-update: Available



We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the final build of Affinity Photo 1.9.1 for macOS.

If this is your first time using a customer beta of an Affinity app, it’s worth noting that the beta will install as a separate app - alongside your store version. They will not interfere with each other at all and you can continue to use the store version for critical work without worry.

This beta is an incremental update to the 1.9.0 version recently released to all customers (although it still installs parallel to the released version, as described above). We recommend that you use this beta in preference to the store version if you are affected by any of the issues listed below.

Affinity Photo Team  :ph34r:


Changes Since


- Fixed shadows & highlights rendering bug.
- Fixed placed PDF scaling bug.
- Assorted small bug fixes.


Changes Since 1.9.0


- Registration system improvements and fixes.
- Fixed numerous brush management issues.
- Fixed toolbar height in separated mode.
- Text in scaled text frame could increase in size when grouped.
- Astrophotography bad pixel tool improvements.
- Added ability to load FITS files with .fts extensions.
- TIFF loading fixes.
- Further TGA fixes for large files.
- Assets improvements and fixes.
- Fixed numerous tiny icons.
- Assorted small fixes.
- New samples.
- Help improvements.
- Localisation improvements.


- Fixed crash exporting LUTs.
- Fixed some icons being very small.
- Fixed incorrect cursor issues.
- Fixed crash loading large TGA files.
- Fixed bug when erasing from a panorama source mask.
- Fixed CR3 bugs.
- Fixed monochromatic iconography option not working.
- Fixed alignment issues with pixel tool.
- Fixed marquee selection issues on Apple Silicon devices.
- Fixed loading of 16bit LAB TIFF.
- Fixed assorted live filter issues.
- Fixed live stack with live perspective issues when the source images have differing orientations.
- Assorted other small fixes.

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