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Character Variations menu bug


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When I define 2 alternatives in a Character Variation feature, Affinity shows 4 in the menu.
The first (default) entry is repeated at the end.
When I define 16 alternative glyphs, affinity shows 18 in the menu. Example:

I also wonder if, and where, tooltip, sampletext and parameters are going to show up in the interface:


    nameAmpersand collection
    tooltipI love ampersands
    sampletextA&B, c&d, 1&2
    - Aligns with capitals
    - Small for Small Caps 
    - Italic e scripty swashy
(InDesign completely crashes if fonts contain Character Variations built according to the specifications on their website haha)
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  • Staff

Hi Luc(as),

Would it be possible for you to attach a sample of one of your fonts you are encountering this with to our internal Dropbox account using the link below please? I've been through nearly all of fonts and cannot find any that are listing Character Variants. Unfortunately they're nearly all Stylistic Alternates.

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@Sean P

Did this get added in the recent beta versions?

The Publisher v1.9.2.1006 Beta notes say:

14 hours ago, AdamW said:

Typography Panel fails to display certain properties

Is that referring to this issue?

I cannot just test to find out because I will have to actually make/modify a font to test this feature since nothing is available that I am aware of.
But if this is the fix for this issue, I will modify a font to test.

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  • Staff

Hi, I'm responsible for the back-end OpenType font support.

The issue with the Typography panel that we fixed recently was to do with Reverse Chaining Contextual Single Substitutions in the GSUB table. We just hadn't implemented them before, partly because we didn't have a font that used them to test with. That's also why we haven't implemented sampletext, tooltip and named parameters. If you could send a font that uses them to the link in Sean's post, that would be very useful.

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1 hour ago, Dave Harris said:

That's also why we haven't implemented sampletext, tooltip and named parameters. If you could send a font that uses them to the link in Sean's post, that would be very useful.

Thanks for getting back to me on this. I thought Luc(as) had, or was going to, provide a sample font.
I will go ahead and modify/update a FOSS font with a lot of character variants which I have documented previously.
We have a sort of chicken and the egg situation - I know of no app to test that I have done it right.
But, I do have the Adobe docs for it, and FontCreator has a tool for it in their OpenType Designer which should create it properly.
So I will get a test font to you soon.

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@Dave Harris Hi Dave,

Source Code Pro (a FOSS font) already had labels for the Character Variants, and it has three languages,
so I added some placeholder text into the Tooltip and the Sample Text for each one, for each language.
That should make it very easy to see that the correct text is being displayed.
It comes with English-US, Greek, and Russian.
SourceCodePro-Regular.ttf - is the original font.
SourceCodeProCV-Regular.ttf - is the font I modified to add the Tooltips and Sample Text.
The code in the original font is quite a bit different then the code created by FontCreator.
Different structure. (They did it the same as Minion 3 in the original).
Both fonts display the character variant labels properly in APub.

Character.Variants.Demo.Font-Source.Code.Pro.CV.pdf - is a summary of what is in the Source Code Pro CV character variants.
Note: the last column, Description, is not in the font, it is just some info from the Issues tracker.

Source Code Pro is almost all one-to-one replacements.
So I was going to use JuniusX - FOSS font with a lot of one-to-many replacements - to demo the individual variants text.
But I was having some concerns about some things in the font (duplicated variants, lots of them),
so I looked at another FOSS font which I knew has a lot of character variants - ClarisSIL.
Turns out they already added the Tooltip, Sample Text, and the individual Variants description text.
So I have also included that font.

I uploaded the 7z file with the fonts and the PDF to the link above (Character.Variants.Test.Fonts.7z).

Please let me know if there is anything else you need.

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