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Please help!!! Affinity Designer freezes repeatedly when the computer is woken up from power saving mode.

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Since I work mobile and often put my computer to sleep in power saving mode, I have since the latest update ( all Affinity products incl. Designer) constantly problems with freezing of the program interface after "waking up" the computer.

When I restart my computer then the Affinity programs work perfectly, as soon as the computer goes into power saving mode and is woken up again the user interface freezes in the Affinity programs used at the time (Designer, Photo, Publisher). 

As soon as I "kill" the frozen program and open it again, I can't create a new document in it, because the user interface freezes immediately. The only thing that helps then is a restart of the system.
The worst thing is, there is no "crash report" and no "backup" of my work is created.



What I have already tried:
- "Clear User Data" applied. 
- Deleted the contents of the Prefetch folder.
- Uninstalled all Affinity products, cleaned up the system & registry and reinstalled everything.
- Installed new video card drivers

This phenomenon happens after the latest update and even with the latest beta from Designer

My configuration:
- Computer: HP EliteBook 8560w (2013)
- Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2820QM CPU @ 2.30GHz, 2301 MHz, 4 core(s), 8 logical processor(s)
- Main memory: 32GB
- Graphics card: NVIDIA Quadro 2000M (driver:
- System drive: Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500GB
- Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (10.0.19042)

I don't know what else to do, un these circumstances I cannot continue to work professionally with Affinity products and recommend them with a clear conscience.



Error report from Windows.txt



Error report from Windows (Beta).txt

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Hi Mark, I have created two dumps from the Task Manager.  

One was created after waking up from sleep mode and the other when I killed Designer, reopened it and tried to create a new document. 
I compressed (7Zip) these dumps (3,7GB) to (460MB) and would like to transfer them to you, do you have a link to (dropbox, etc..) for me?






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41 minutes ago, ChristAlix said:

I have examined these two "DMP" files in WinDbg 1.0.2007.06001 and think I have found the causer of the freez.
See (win32u.dll) NtUserQueryDisplayConfig + 0x14


Affinity Designer_1.9.0.932_after_sleep_mode-WinDbg_DMP_Report.txt 17.18 kB · 2 downloads

Affinity Designer_1.9.0.932_create_new_document-WinDbg_DMP_Report.txt 16.93 kB · 2 downloads

Thanks. Those call stacks are pretty conclusive. We’re asking Windows for info on your monitor capabilities (to work out whether you have a HDR monitor), and for whatever reason, after walking from sleep, those calls are hanging. 

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1 hour ago, ChristAlix said:

Interesting... but i have no HDR monitors 🤨


Yes, the code is just trying to establish whether you have a HDR monitor or not.

I still think this is a graphics driver problem, and looking through the forums, I can see one other user has experienced the same hang in QueryDisplayConfig (this is a Windows function, not an Affinity function), and a complete uninstall and reinstall of the graphics driver solved their problem. Having said that, I'm going to make a slight tweak to that area of the code, so keep an eye on the beta forum, and when the next build is available, download it to give it a try (note, will be a build number more recent than 952).


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Hi Mark, thanks for the effort...
The phenomenon with updating to latest graphics card drivers is somehow inconclusive and confused for me. The Affinity products with the 1.8.5 versions ran "reasonably" smoothly before the update 1.9.0....
The current driver version 376.99 (2017) was automatically updated with the latest Windows build (10.0.19042) from Microsoft.
Before the Windows update, version 341.98 Rev.F (2016) ran smoothly with Affinity products, but caused preview problems with Autodesk Inventor/3DMAX. 
The newest and latest driver from NVIDIA for the Quadro 2000M is version 377.83 (2018) works (according to benchmark) minimally slower with Autodesk Inventor/3DMAX but additionally brings freez with the Affinity 1.9.0 product line :(
All three constellations are suboptimal for me :(

Have now decided to leave the system on the driver version 376.99 (2017) and reset Affinity to 1.8.5 and hope that Affinity team manages to bring the updates to run stable!

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Hi Mark,

Found out with my work colleague that on his machine, also HP EliteBook 8560w (2013) but still running Windows 10.0.18363 and the latest and last NVIDIA Quadro 2000M driver 377.83 (2018) the Affinity 1.9.0 and betas 1.9.1 work smoothly without freez.
It seems that the "freez" problem is caused with the newer Windows builds from 1903 and higher. 

Is it perhaps possible to disable the Windows "HDR query" behavior in the registry?

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Hi Mark,
Hi Sean P,

As you recommended, I have tested the new beta for freez behaviour. The first time I tried it I was able to play around with Designer (Beta) for about 2 minutes after the system woke up and I was really happy, unfortunately the joy was short-lived. After that, not only Designer (Beta) but almost my entire Windows system froze. 
It's still there! (Freez)

It, Horror, Film, Fear, Scary, Strange, Creepy, Scare


I uploaded memory dumps and WinDbg reports to DropBox (Sean P Link).

PS: I have uploaded the dump image "Affinity Designer Beta restore.7z" to Dropbox. This was created when I tried to start the Designer (Beta) again after I had killed it. It offered me to open the restore file which I confirmed with OK and it came to the freez.







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