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Edit in Affinity Photo extension Apple Photos


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For the first time the "edit in Affinity Photo" seems to work properly with my RAW-files. I can open, edit and save back to Photos. I am using 1.8.6 with Big Sur.

For jpeg's I got this error too, but after I flattened the file in Affinity, it worked ok. So there is a begin of a smile for me

I do have some problems though with the other extensions using RAW-files. (see my other post on this matter), They seem not to work, or at least show curious behavior, that I cannot explain yet.

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12 hours ago, MacGB said:

For the first time the "edit in Affinity Photo" seems to work properly with my RAW-files

I did attempt an edit of a raw file with the "Edit in ..." extension and it did work ok. I am still on Catalina, however. I also attempted to "develop" a raw file using the Affinity Develop extension. Unfortunately, that results in the all too familiar "Unable to edit with Affinity Develop" message. 

Screen Shot 2020-11-17 at 2.33.42 PM.png

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Hello RHMB,

I did already post (the wrong way I guess) a few hours ago, Hence this new attempt:

The "Edith with Affinity Develop" stopped working "ages" ago. (If I remember correctly, with the introduction of version 1.7). I disabled this one a time ago , also because it's limitations add nothing special to what Photo's can do in the meantime. Lots more possibilities for that matter. Of course I tried with this new version, but it simply doesn't work for RAW, as you noticed.

Glad the extension "edit in Affinity" does work for you as well. I find this one much more valuable if I want to use layer or other advanced functionality. However using this option has, to me,  one big disadvantage. If you save back your RAW-edits to Photo's, and like to continue afterwards were you left it isn't possible. When you re-open the file from Photo's, Affinity will start again wit the original RAW, without any edits. So you have to start over again, the history is gone ! Other apps like RawPower, and f.e.On1 keep the history, so you can pick-up where you left. Due to the way apps and Apple Photo's work this is limited anyway.

If you like there is a very interesting article by Nik Bhatt



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Hi Ben,

Edit in Affinity does work for me, sometimes. It is, however, too unreliable and I am never quite sure if my edits are going to save or not. I had great hopes for Affinity working with Apple Photos to replace Lightroom but I eventually tired of its capriciousness. The fact that it doesn't even recognize its own edits when I re-opened the image in Edit in Affinity (jpg or raw) was the last straw. 

I moved on to On1 almost a year ago. It does almost everything Affinity does (raw, layers, masks, panorama, etc) plus has a very good DAM. For me, it replaces Lightroom and Elements. I rarely use Affinity but it is there if I need it.

I too found Nik Bhatt's article to be very interesting. In fact, by coincidence, I posted a link to the same article on the On1 community forum just yesterday. 

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Just stopped using on1 😉, great UI, far more easy then Affinity, but rather slow and also quite some problems with BigSur I understand. I stick to the DAM from Photos. The combination of RawPower, Photo’s  and occasionally Affinity works for me. 

Every body has a workflow that suites him best I guess.


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