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  1. @EmTThanks for the info, glad to know it's not me 😉. Hoop it wil be solved soon.
  2. Ok I think I found the problem. Looking at your file Robert I think you are shooting with the Lumix G Vario H-FSA 100-300/F4.0-5.6 II, as do I. So this is the version II of this lens. In the lens drop down there is only one 100-300mm. I guess it's the version "I" of this lens, which is called Lumix G Vario H-FS 100-300. For a number of other Lumix lenses the drop-down menu lists as well the standard versions as the versions II, but not for this lens. I don't know if the lens distortion/vignetting etc. are different for those lenses, but I think that's probably the reason that this lens doesn't pop-up automatically, the exif data name is different from the version I. Edit: Oeps David, my post did cross yours. However I don't understand how to get the right lens to show up in the lens-drop down. I see your xml file, but how do I get that into the database of Affinity photo ?
  3. Hello Robert, Same issue, no solution yet. I use a Panasonic G90 body with a Panasonic H-FSA 14-140mm and the Panasonic H-FSA 100-300. The 14-140 is recognised, the 100-300 is not recognised and I too have to manually select this lens.
  4. I am testing the round tripping with Affinity Photo and Apple Photo's. 1. From within ApplePhoto's I start using the extension "Edit in Affinity Photo". Works o.k 2. Upon saving, changes are saved to Photo's; great. 3.Re-opening starts again with the unmodified RAW, not so great. 4. Tried the options to embed and link for saving the edits. 5. Embed does not change the behaviour. 6. Linked does change. It opens a transparent canvas and I get an error message, I can open a resource manager to locate the linked file with the stored edits. However whatever button I use nothing wil result in the picture I was editing. What am I doing wrong, ?, or is non-destructive editing with saving history of the edits not supported with Apple Photo's ? Thanks for any advice Ben
  5. Version 1.9 First start-up 10-15 sec. Second start-up <3 sec. Startup extensions from Apple Photo's <3 sec. Start-up extension "Edith in Affinity photo" from Photo's approx. 5 sec. For me this is very satisfying Workflow with Apple Photo's has improved, but still not very user-friendly. Different behaviour between editing RAW or jpeg's in terms of "not able to save edits", or need to first manually flatten, or just works fine or not at all.
  6. @Rafal Czapiewski Yep, and don't forget all the other Photo editing apps (also professional ones), that don't have this problem at all. So why would Apple pick this one and forget about all the others.
  7. Your welcome, Well I work on a Mac also, but from the start I used the download version from Affinity website. Their latest version really runs very fast, (has some quirks though in Big Sur), so what I mean is that perhaps you can uninstall the AppStore version and replace it by the download version of Affinity. Then again I think you need to contact technical support on this matter, as I really don’t know if this is a possibility.
  8. @Pattebear, A couple of suggestions (you might already have thought off) 1. Did you (and others with this problem) try to start-up in Safe-mode" and restart afterwards. ? 2. Did you try working with Affinity without an internet connection (If Grinning Shark is correct, this might help) 3. Is it possible to install the version from Affinity website, because that runs smoothly (almost ). I suppose you have to contact support before you do this. HtH Ben
  9. Very quick start up for me. Much faster then before, however I am not running the AppStore version, but use the download from the website. iMac 27” 16 GB, 2 TB fusion. Running Big Sur. Do have serious problems with the Extensions for Photo’s though. (Posted a topic in this forum about that).
  10. Hello Dan, I did some testing and the version 1.7 beta is indeed firing up correctly using the extension Edith in Affinity Photo, However it is changing the aspect ratio of my picture. Let me explain: I use a micro four thirds camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-G80 and lens: Lumix G vario 14-140 mm. Mostly I shoot in RAW with the aspect ratio 3:2. As it turns out using the extension "edit in" the aspect ratio is changed to 4:3, so not taking into account the in-camera setting. When I use the Apple Photo's function: "edit with" and then choose Affinity Photo, the aspect ratio is correctly preserved. Also using Affinity Photo as stand alone and then load a RAW picture, the aspect ratio is correctly taken into account. Using the other extensions (develop etc.) also open up with the correct aspect-ratio. I hope you are able to fix this in the final version. By the way, I discovered that the Develop extension isn't able to write back to Apple Photo's (in the beta that is). Where can I report this kind of behaviour ? (or shouldn't I do this as it's still not a full working version ?)
  11. I still am not able to use the extension "edit in Affinity Photo's" in Apple Photo's> when I try to use this it results in an error "Affinity Photo could not be launched" (See screenshots). Al,l other extensions work fine. When I use the function in Photo's "edit with" and the choose Affinity, it fires up well. Do I need to set a specific setting ? or is it still a "bug" I am on macOS 10.14.3 and Affinity Photo 1.6.11. The problem also existed with macOS High Sierra. Thanks for any suggestion.
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