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  1. First off all I am very happy with Affinity vs 1.7. I noticed that (as in the beta of 1.7) the "Affinity Develop" extension for Apple Photo's is not able to write back RAW-edits to Apple Photo's. (screenshot). At the time of the beta it was assumed it had to do with the sandboxing. However after installing the original 1.7.0 and 1.7.1, the problem still exists. macOS vs 10.14.5 Apple Photos vs 4.0 Affinity Photo vs 1.7.1 This doesn't occur opening jpeg, just with RAW. No big issue as the extension "edit in Affinity Photo" works fine All other extensions work fine.
  2. I still am not able to use the extension "edit in Affinity Photo's" in Apple Photo's> when I try to use this it results in an error "Affinity Photo could not be launched" (See screenshots). Al,l other extensions work fine. When I use the function in Photo's "edit with" and the choose Affinity, it fires up well. Do I need to set a specific setting ? or is it still a "bug" I am on macOS 10.14.3 and Affinity Photo 1.6.11. The problem also existed with macOS High Sierra. Thanks for any suggestion.
  3. Thanks Chris. I just wait and see then and won't bother you again with this issue. Cann't wait for the new release
  4. In Apple Photo's Opening up Affinity Develop with the extension "develop" fires-up a Develop module in 1.7. with the RAW-photo from within Apple Photo's. However saving back (with or without adjustments) reports an error saying "Edits with Affinity Develop not possible, an unexpected error has occurred" (see screenshot though that is in Dutch, hence my translation ) The file in question is a RAW file from my Panasonic G80 extension .RW2. When I use the extension "edit in Affinity" it works ok.
  5. Hello Chris, Still very exited about version 7, however the latest update still doesn't fixe using the "develop" extension with Apple Photo's. it opens fine and I can make adjustments, but it still reports the failure mentioned in my opening post when I try to write back to Apple Photo's. Other extensions seem to work fine. Hope you are able to fix this (but please not at the cost of the extension "edit in Affinity Photo" because that is a big enhancement !) Best Regards Ben
  6. Sorry to report that the latest update still didn't fix this issue.
  7. Hello Chris B, Thanks for the info Some extra info. When I use a jpeg-file, it works fine.Because off that I was thinking it might have something to do with "not-flattening" the image before writing back ? The needed flattening is perfectly handled now with the Affinity extension "Edith in Affinity Photo" in the beta, This is really a joy to work with.
  8. Hello Chris, Thanks again. Yes I see both as well (different icons), but they both open the beta version . But then again it is no problem for me. I suppose when I would delete the beta it will work with 1.6.11, but for now I am going to experiment a bit further with the beta.
  9. Hello Dan C I did some testing with a RAW file, and using the extension it shortly shows "edit your document in Affinity" and it proceeds as expected and opens the Photo in Affinity Photo However it changes the aspect ratio ! Let me explain. I shoot with a Panasonic G80 and use the Panasonic Lumix Vario 14-140 mm zoomlens. The camera is a four-third camera, however I always shoot in a 3:2 aspect ratio (in camera setting). Now the strange thing: When using the extension "edit in Affinity.." the aspect ratio from the camera is ignored. So it defaults to the aspect ratio 4:3 in stead of the camera setting 3:2. However when I use the Apple Photo's function "edit with" and then choose Affinity Photo Beta, the aspect ratio 3:2 is preserved. In the present Affinity the aspect ratio is alway preserved as set in the camera. Using the other extensions from Affinity Beta, the aspect ratio is preserved as well. Keeping the aspect ratio from the camera settings is very important for me. Helas I did notice that even DXO-lab (and some others I am experimenting with) doesn't keep the aspect ration as set with this camera. (with my former G7 using the same lens this was no issue) I hope, in the end, keeping the right aspect ratio, as set in the camera, will be available in the version 1.7 By the way if I find some other anomalies where can I report them (I noticed for instance that the extension Develop started up Affintiy-develop but wasn't able to write back to Apple Photo's)
  10. Hey Chris, Thanks for sorting that out. That did the trick, Noticed also that with the "edit with", it opens a tiff and not a RAW. One tiny problem now (but don't bother) if I try to use the "edit in" extension from Affinity Photo 1.6.11 it opens up Affinity 1.7 beta, no way that I can get 1.6.11 to pen with this command. Tried deselecting all extensions and rebooting my system to no avail. But then again it's no problem; glad that you figured this out and that the "open in" extension is working properly in 1.7
  11. Hello Chris B Thanks for your reaction. (@ Dan C and you: I posted again in the earlier thread. I didn't see my answer, so I thought I had forgotten to sent it ) I attached an original RAW from my G80. I my post it appears now that I made a mistake. When I open those pictures directly with the Affinity Photo 1.7 beta the aspect ratio is changed as well. So: -using the extension "edit in Affinity 1.7" the aspect ratio is changed. -using Affinity Photo1.7 as stand-alone and then open the picture: the aspect ratio is changed as well. -using the other extensions from Affinity Photo 1.7 the aspect ratio is not changed. using the function of Apple Photo's "edit with" and then choose Affinity Photo 1.7, the aspect ratio is also not changed. In the present formal release of Affinity Photo 1.6.11, there is no change of the aspect ratio. Edit : Further testing and comparing shows me that using 1.6.11 as stand-alone for the RAW-file also changes the aspect ratio. Could have sworn that this didn't happen before I installed the 1.7 beta, but perhaps I am mistaken. I am sorry for not noticing that earlier. If you have any further questions please let me now. Thank you for your support. _1000815.RW2
  12. Hello Dan, I did some testing and the version 1.7 beta is indeed firing up correctly using the extension Edith in Affinity Photo, However it is changing the aspect ratio of my picture. Let me explain: I use a micro four thirds camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-G80 and lens: Lumix G vario 14-140 mm. Mostly I shoot in RAW with the aspect ratio 3:2. As it turns out using the extension "edit in" the aspect ratio is changed to 4:3, so not taking into account the in-camera setting. When I use the Apple Photo's function: "edit with" and then choose Affinity Photo, the aspect ratio is correctly preserved. Also using Affinity Photo as stand alone and then load a RAW picture, the aspect ratio is correctly taken into account. Using the other extensions (develop etc.) also open up with the correct aspect-ratio. I hope you are able to fix this in the final version. By the way, I discovered that the Develop extension isn't able to write back to Apple Photo's (in the beta that is). Where can I report this kind of behaviour ? (or shouldn't I do this as it's still not a full working version ?)
  13. Thanks Dan, I will give this a try and report back
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    Mojave Bugs

    @MEB, Thanks for your welcome and response. Somehow I forgot to turn on the notification, hence my late response. Problem seems to be gone. I cleaned up my mac by running some maintenance scripts and emptying cashes. (more specific I had issues with local adjustments using live-filters). After a reboot all seems to work. The extension "edit with Affinity" from within Photo's still doesn't work; I reported that already as a bug existing in High Sierra and still is there. When I use the extension "external editors" to fire-up Affinity all works well Thanks
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    Mojave Bugs

    Experiencing slow response as well depending on the action. I discovered also that Live filters do not work when starting Affinity from Photo's for Mac vs 4.0. They do work when I start Affinity stand alone and import a picture though.
  16. Thanks for the suggestion. I installed the Affinity photo app. at the root level in the Application folder from start, so I guess that cannot be the cause of the problem. Some extra info that might help you (I'm not a techie expert). 1. I work in two environments- a day to day user environment and a system-control environment. I didn't fire-up Affinity Photo in the system-control environment ( so entering licence key), I only use that for installing programs and system maintenance. I fired up Affinty in my user environment and entered the license key there 2. I installed the NIK-plug-in collection (as demonstrated in one of your video-tutorials). The plug-in's reside in my day-to day user environment. (They do work though with Affinity Photo, so that seems ok). 3. As I mentioned earlier the other Affinity extensions do work fine and using the "edit with" from the Photos app works o.k. as well so using tha I can fire up Affinity Photo and edited photo's are correctly written back.
  17. Very pleased with Affinity Photo. I guess, learning to work with it, I stumbled into a minor problem or bug. I am using Apple Photo's vs 3 as my DAM an High Sierra 10.13.4. When I try to use the extension showing up as "Edit in Affinity Photo" It returns a thumbnail of the picture and the message "Affinity Photo could not be launched.Please press cancel"(see screenshot). All other Affinity extensions work fine. The strange thing is that when I use the Apple Photo's function "Edit with" (by richt-clicking a picture and then choose Affinity Photo) it launches Affinity Photo as it should. Is this a bug or did I miss a setting. Thanks Ben
  18. Thanks Chris for the quick respons and info. Perhaps as an inspiration for your development team: Graphic converter 10 has a similar option that still works that way, as does the "External editor for Photos" extension (App.store). Please consider this as a positive comment . Your software is great and I much appreciate it. Ben